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Coupons that Save You Money

Updated on February 22, 2008

I’m sure you have heard about how coupons will only save you money if you use them for items you would typically buy anyway. If you find a coupon for a product that you wouldn’t have on your regular grocery list, it isn’t really a deal. Searching for coupons can be a lot of work, so it might not seem worth it to go through all of the different offers only to find the ones that will benefit you and save you money.

Using coupons is a great way money saving tool. With the rising costs of food, people are struggling to budget enough for groceries. Food prices rose 4% last year. And, according to recent news reports, we can expect them to rise another 3% to 4% this year.

What can you do to make it worthwhile?

If your grocery store offers some sort of advantage card to receive savings, sign up for it and use it. Not only does it make you eligible for in-store sales, some stores will also give you additional savings and discounts if you spend a certain amount throughout the year.

You can save around $700 a year on groceries by combining the use of coupons and store advantage cards.

Finding coupons that cater to your needs can be easier than wading through newspapers. Figure out what you buy the most of, and go directly to the company for coupons. If you buy a lot of a certain brand of laundry detergent or baby food, visit their websites. Chances are that you will find coupons you can either print out or request them to send to you. Not only do they often offer coupons for discounts, but they might also provide free samples that they will mail to you.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new when you are trying to save money on groceries. Just because you have always bought the same brand of mayonnaise or cereal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t branch out and try new kinds. Try to figure out what you buy the same brand of that you don’t usually think about. Then, try out other kinds—in fact, store brands tend to cost less while providing the same quality. You might find that you can purchase these items for less by trying different brands.

When you do find a great coupon or in-store sale, stock up on the item. Make sure you buy as much of it as you can. You might feel silly buying ten boxes of cereal, but it is even sillier to buy one if it is on sale. If you can get ten boxes now for $3 a box instead of the regular price of $5 a box, you should stock up.

Remember to only buy what you need, and try to avoid the gimmicks and special displays that supermarkets try to snag you with. Look for deals, and you will find ways to save money on groceries, even if the cost of food is rising.


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    • profile image

      bogey047 9 years ago

      One thing I learned is never go the the Super Market when your hungry