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DIY Swimming Pool - You can do it!

Updated on December 30, 2008

DIY Pool Projects can be fun and economical

America - The land of opportunity!

America - The land of Do-it-yourselfers!

With the housing market down (for now) and homeowners spending more time at home, the time to explore a DIY project or two is now. One of the largest - although not the most daunting -- is the DIY swimming pool.

There are three types of in-ground swimming pool (see to review that.

All three can be done as a DIY project, although we mostly see fiberglass and liner pools as the two most common.

Whatever type you consider please look at a few general items.

1. Zoning. Ask about the rules for putting in a pool

2. Ask if you can do it yourself. Actually, you should ask them to find the rule that prohibits you from putting the pool in yourself.

3. Check your home owners association - if applicable.

4. Check your access to your yards. This might make a liner pool more attractive than a fiberglass one

5. Check your slope and drainage

6. Check with your utility to make sure there is no problem.

7. Stop

Now take some time and look at your yard and dream about the pool that you want to put in for you. Go to websites to learm more. There are lots of them out there for liner pools and my favorite for fiberglass, obviously, is Gather information so that you can get it done on budget and in the timeframe you have available.

Owning a pool is wonderful. So what are you waiting for?


You and the kids will love it!


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