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Updated on April 5, 2008

I was eavesdropping on a group of secondary school lads in their canteen some weeks ago.

A green BMW X5 had just pulled up in the parking. The driver, a cute and elegantly dressed mulatto lady, alighted and sashayed past us to the counter.

Our, mine and the boys', lustful gazes went after her. We admired her for a moment and turned off almost simultaneously to look at her car parked some feet away from us.

Glancing at the faces of his peers, one of the boys said, "If there were a choice to make between that lady and her car, I would choose her. She's just too immaculate for a beauty." Two other boys scolded him, "Are you out of your senses, Joe? How can you prefer a woman to such a big car?" Yet two others intervened, "Joe's right. She's the cutest of babes". There went a long debate.

The raw facts they exchanged intrigued and motivated me to research whether men truly love cars more than women or vice versa.

At first, it sounds absurd that women stand a comparison with cars, in the priorities of men. But with much deliberation, men begin to realise that their heart is mostly being shared by these two products of vying values - Women and Cars. Both have close similarities hence they capably sneak into men's scale of preference.

A car's primary usefulness is movement - leaving home for workplace and back. But men also visit their women - girlfriends, mistresses etc; in their cars, and travel in their company to beaches, hotels, theatres, restaurants, nightclubs; at weekends or on vacations. So, cars don't move because of job duties alone, they move also because of women.

As much as a man is attached to his newly purchased Lexus LS400, so is he to his pretty new catch - who even share him more while alone in bed at midnight. And he would respond positively to her demands like he would also when his car-mechanic signals the need to replace a device. Cars, like women, are both heart-warming to men.

An expensive car gives a certain prestige - real or assumed, to whoever drives in it. People admire him wishfully. In their looks, gestures and murmurs; he perceives his importance, his influence and the power of his wealth.

A pretty woman in the arm of a man stepping into a party attracts commending or jealous eyes to the couple. The woman is being admired and the man is being weighed - who's he? How did he win over this Miss? The man feels the prestige not only in his soul but on his skin! Although nobody saw the car he parked outside, all have given him a due honour for the sake of his charming woman.

A good car offers comfort like a nice home. But old folks say that a man alone in a luxurious mansion is not comfortable until he finds his better part. But what is comfort? It's simply a feeling of ease - the sort of thing a man enjoys as he drives down in his air-conditioned and music-on-board coupé.

But what women make men feel is far more intense than a physical comfort. Women make men smile, laugh, sing, tremble and jump. Women keep men waiting expectantly; women dilute their senses in the name of joy and satisfaction.

As similar as the services cars and women render to men, both also have like defaults that make men frown, cry and even commit suicide. An S Class Mercedes Benz snatched at gun point could make the owner go mad. Just as a man would react when he losses his love to a richer and stronger fellow in a party.

A car breakdown on a journey is as infuriating as the case of a sweet girl who fails to show up on a date. The car could be repaired and be re-used later. Likewise, the girl could apologise and be forgiven.

Money and time are spent to maintain a car as well as a woman. And as time takes away the beauty of a car through weariness, necessitating men to seek or wish for a new; time also, transforms women in the face of their men. But here, the temptation to seek for younger women mostly wins over those who are loose in faithfulness.

In all, a majority of the men folk prefers a nice car to a pretty woman. "Cars will lure women to us, but women can't bring us cars." Some men disclosed. And evidently, some girls say they would give audience to any man on the steering of a costly car who pulls up to accost them, other than just a mere pedestrian.

Therefore, which of the love is sincere enough to be learnt - the love of cars or the love of women, or both?


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