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Dallas Cowboys’ All-Time Passing Leaders (Yardage)

Updated on October 9, 2008

Troy Aikman

Roger Staubach

Danny White


The Dallas Cowboys have a rich history, and that history is based on winning. Though the team has not won a Super Bowl since the mid ‘90's, it's the history that counts, especially when looking at the statistics of Cowboys' quarterbacks. Here is a list of the team's all-time Top 10 in passing yards:

Troy Aikman (32,942)-With no disrespect to Roger Staubach or Danny White, Troy Aikman remains the greatest Cowboys' QB ever. Aikman played for Dallas from 1989 to 2000, and led them to three Super Bowl titles. Aikman leads the Cowboys all-time with 32,942 passing yards, and he also went to six straight Pro Bowls. 1992 was Aikman's best season, as he threw for career highs in yards (3445) and touchdown passes (23) with 14 interceptions.

Roger Staubach (22,700)-Roger Staubach, like Aikman, played his entire career in Dallas, from 1969 to 1979. Staubach led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl titles himself, and ranks second in team history with 22,700 passing yards. Staubach, who also went to six Pro Bowls, had his best season in 1979. That year, he threw for 3586 yards with 27 TDs (both career highs) and 11 interceptions.

Danny White (21,959)-Danny White also played for the Cowboys his entire career, which spanned from 1976 to 1988. White was Staubach's backup before taking over in 1980. He ranks third in franchise history with 21,959 passing yards. White's best season was 1983, when he had career highs in passing yards (3980) and touchdowns (29) despite 23 interceptions.

Don Meredith (17,199)-"Dandy" Don Meredith preceded Staubach at QB in Dallas, playing his entire career there (1960 to 1968). Meredith ranks fourth in Cowboys' history with 17,199 passing yards, and his best season was 1966, one of three Pro Bowl years. That season, Meredith passed for career highs in yardage (2805) and TDs (24) with 12 interceptions.

Craig Morton (10,279)-Though he only started 47 games over ten seasons (1965 to 1974), Craig Morton ranks fifth in Cowboys' history with 10,279 passing yards. His best season in Dallas was 1969, with 2619 yards, 21 touchdown passes (tied a career best) and 15 picks.

Tony Romo (8482)-Since taking over as the starter for Drew Bledsoe in 2006, Tony Romo has performed as well as just about any QB in Cowboys' history. His only blemish is that he can't seem to win the big game when it's all on the line. But give him time. Romo does rank sixth in Cowboys' history already with 8482 passing yards (as of five games into 2008). In 2007, Romo had his best season with 4211 passing yards, 36 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

Steve Pelluer (6555)-Steve Pelluer played for Dallas from 1984 to 1988 and ranks seventh in team history with 6555 passing yards. Pelluer started 14 games in 1988, and despite 19 interceptions, threw for career highs in yardage (3139) and TD passes (17).

Quincy Carter (5839)-Quincy Carter played for the Cowboys from 2001 to 2003 and despite throwing more interceptions (36) than TD passes (29), ranks eighth in team history with 5839 passing yards. Carter threw 21 picks in 2003, but had his best production that season as well with 3302 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Eddie LeBaron (5331)-Eddie LeBaron played on some lean Cowboys' teams, from 1960 to 1963, winning just four games in 26 starts for the team. But he does rank ninth in Cowboys' history with 5331 passing yards. LeBaron's best season was 1961, with a career high 1741 yards, 14 TD passes and 16 interceptions.

Drew Bledsoe (4803)-Though he only played in Dallas for two seasons, and started 22 games, Drew Bledsoe made that time count, and ranks tenth in Cowboys' history with 4803 passing yards. Bledsoe's best season in Dallas was 2005, when he passed for 3639 yards with 23 touchdown passes and 17 picks.


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    • Shawn Scarborough profile image

      Shawn Scarborough 7 years ago from The Lone Star State

      Nice hub. I agree with you that Troy Aikman is the best Cowboy quarterback.