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Danke Schoen...I Guess - Music Playlists For Your Site

Updated on July 16, 2007

Danke Schoen...I Guess?! - Don't Get Me Started!

When I started my website last year, it was all so new to me and almost a year later there is still so much to learn. For those of you who have gone on this journey with me, you've seen as I figured out how to use animated files, embed videos, etc. to my site and while I pride myself on being a gadget loving ("bitechual" if you will) there is a somewhat new way of getting music on your site that has me baffled a bit. You see, you can go to these websites and create "playlists" of your favorite songs and then insert the playlist into your website. These songs play as people go to your site and people can even select a song from your list to listen to while they surf your site. Where do these songs come from you may ask (as I did)? Well, they come from sites like mine (of all places). That's right, these playlist sites take songs that are playing on one website and become a conduit of sorts by taking that song that is playing on a site and making it available to other sites. It's all way beyond me but what ends up happening is that if a site plays one of "my" songs, it shows up as site visit on my website's accounting information. The number one song that people are using from my site is the one on my "contact me" page, "Danke Schoen" by Wayne Newton. Danke Schoen...I guess?! - Don't Get Me Started!

When this first started to appear on my "stats" page I thought that all these people had added me to their blogrolls or had me listed on their sites somewhere. I was in heaven that I had somehow become so very popular so quickly. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only did these people not have me listed on their site, some of them would be horrified (I'm sure) to learn where these songs were coming from if they ever took a look at my site. The one that got me the most was some woman's website that has since been "taken down" according to her because she was getting so many "indecent" spam posts to her site. She was a stay at home Mom who did home schooling, was a staunch Republican and thought that pretty much anything that didn't have to do with crafting and Jesus (yes, I believe in that order) was of the devil. Little did she know that when she and her pals were coming to her site to listen to Wayne Newton sing, the song was actually coming from Sin City and behind it all was a <look right, look left then whisper> a homosexual! Best she took her site down for all concerned.

I guess the most shocking thing is that when I go to some of these sites that come up the sites are put up by kids in their twenties who are adding Danke Schoen to their site's playlist. Could it be that I'm getting old, is it that this song was in some teen movie recently that I knew nothing about or is old the new new? I'm sure that the nineteen year old from La Brea who counts his interests as motorcycles and chicks would be less than thrilled to know where this song is coming from or the woman who loves everything J. Crew and so she has a site that features her favorite items from the catalog. But like it or not for all of us, they want it on their site and mine is where it is coming from so alas, we are stuck with one another.

Because I'm constantly worried about my popularity online, in life and in general, of course I started thinking about all the other music I have on my site. What was wrong with these other pages that they aren't getting the "hits" like Danke Schoen? Should I change the music to see if more people wanted to steal it? Should I remove Danke Schoen so that the ones who are currently stealing it wouldn't have it to steal anymore? And then it occurred to me that like most worrying, this was a lot of time and energy spent on a whole lot of nothing.

I will continue to look at the sites that play "my" music and wonder if the person who put it on their site even bothered to come to my site to see where they were getting their music. But it's sort of like a music "glory hole" if you will...I'm serving and they're reaping the benefits anonymously. (Wow, that was really graphic even for me and it just came right'll pardon the expression) I suppose I should just be thankful that people like my music and maybe some of them will actually come to my site. Thankful? I don't know, I guess like Mr. Newton would say, Danke Schoen...I guess?! - Don't Get Me Started!

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