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Dark Moon Magic

Updated on May 19, 2007

As I write this, it's the day of the dark moon. With the tiny sliver of the waxing moon (or, as I used to call it as a child, Daddy's Thumbnail Moon, because it always looked to me like my father's thumbnail clippings) only a day or two away, the dark moon is the perfect time to sit in silence and reflect on what you want to accomplish during the next lunar cycle.

Remember, the waxing, or growing, moon is a time to increase things in your life - increase cash flow or increase good health, for instance. And waning moon is a time to get rid of things - get rid of poverty or get rid of sickness.

Doreen Valiente said it best over 50 years ago in The Charge of the Goddess when she said, "Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me who is Queen of all he Wise..."

So for me, the dark moon is a time of inner contemplation, meditation, and an unflinching look at what I need to do to improve my life in general and myself in particular. This is best accomplished in silence. To quote a book I'm currently reading, "He (or she) who speaks much knows little."

Here are some ideas of how to observe the dark moon:

1. Try to spend some time quietly alone - completely alone, and at least an hour. Go for a walk, sit in your room and meditate. Reading, talking on the phone, surfing the ‘Net, listening to music or watching television does not count! Sitting in sacred space, however, does count. Try it!

2. If it's the weekend, and you live alone, try to spend the day in what the Buddhists call "noble silence." Don't talk unless absolutely necessary. Try to eat quietly, walk quietly, and just go through your day making as little noise as possible. Again, no TV, Internet, or music, but you may read - just turn the pages quietly! You may be surprised what insights the Gods can't wait to share with you if you just shut up and listen.

3. Clean your space. Literally. Clean your house, get it ready for the next lunar cycle. This definitely falls under the category of life and self improvement.

4. Perform some basic divination, especially if you want some insight or affirmation on what you should be working on during the next lunar month. Money? Health? Personal relationships? Spiritual work? If you haven't mastered a divination system - cards, runes, pendulum, etc. - the dark moon is a good time to start. Again, this can be done in a private circle, if you wish.

5. Catch up on all those annoying little chores you've been putting off for the last month, i.e. clear your "slate" of old obligations and be free and clear to start a new cycle. Get the car washed, straighten up your desk, call your grandmother, donate your ugly clothes to charity, change the battery in your smoke alarm.

To me, the time of the dark moon is a gift, a chance to catch my breath and get ready for the next round. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to mail some photos of my daughter to her grandmother!


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    • profile image

      oliver nicolai rayn 5 years ago

      the dark moon is the 28th day in the cycle where there is no moon visable int he sky,

    • profile image

      Lin 5 years ago

      But when exactly is the dark moon, before the new moon or just when it it at its darkest.... that would be the new moon. This is May 21, was the dark moon yesterday OR today.

      I am in Orlando florida eastern time.

      Thanks and blessings

    • profile image

      Terry Thinktank 10 years ago from India

      I think it makes a lot of sense. Simple, doable tips