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Daylight Saving Time and Captain America Is Dead

Updated on March 12, 2007

Bush Is Playing With Time - What A Bad Time To Lose Captain America

I spent most of my formative years in Arizona where the time was always just what it was; no spring forward, fall back. It was all just look at the clock and whatever time it was, that's the time that it was. So when I moved back east, it took me forever to even begin to understand the whole concept. I still don't understand it. Daylight Saving Time - Don't Get Me Started!

I know nothing about this whole thing although after reading a couple of web articles I now know that we have Benjamin Franklin to thank for this whole confusing mess. I mean, it sounds good in theory, to try and get an extra hour of sunlight but excuse me isn't that why Edison invented the light bulb for us? And as if it isn't bad enough that it happens every year, this year, the one the only, President Bush changed it to be three weeks early.

Now I know he says he had sound reasoning for doing this but to me it just seems like another example of "Look what I can do, I can change the clocks, I can make time move, I am the master of the universe...heh...heh...heh." For someone that is on the largest ego trip since Mr. T, it would appear that he wants to do as much as possible to prove that he can do whatever he wants without any real consideration for the world at large. "I pity the poor congress that tries to stop me."

Now for those of you who don't know, last week Marvel Comics killed off Captain America. And I have to say that the longer that Bush is in office the more he seems like some comic villain that we need to call out the League of Justice to either put him behind bars or take him out and leave him in the fortress of solitude. He is simply out of control and each day he exhibits more and more character tendencies of an arch villain from the comics. He has an unusually high sense of always being right (to the point of it being a mental illness), he has a ton of henchmen around him (think of the guys in the cat hats that worked with Catwoman on the 60's Batman series) and he's teamed up with other villains (Halliburton, etc.) to carry off his evil plans. What a bad time for Marvel to kill off Captain America when we need him to go kick some ass in the white house.

Maybe I'm just cranky because I lost an hour of sleep this past weekend or maybe, just maybe we really need some real heroes right now. Oprah is busy in Africa, maintaining her weight and preaching the gospel of The Secret so she is out. Hillary should be busy looking for some good Thermage treatments. Rudy Giuliani is looking for a run in his stockings and Barack is busing paying parking tickets from the eighties. For awhile there we thought that Nancy Pelosi was a thinly veiled alter ego and some of us were sure she was going to pull out her golden lasso and invisible plane and kick some ass but unfortunately, the closest she's come to being like a comic book character is having The Joker's smile.

I guess we'll all just have to sit tight and see what the mega evil villain George Bush and his henchmen have for us next. Now that he has changed time, he's got to be feeling mighty powerful. I'm thinking next he'll try to control the weather like that storyline from General Hospital in the 1980's or that bad remake of The Avengers. The good news is that evil may triumph for a little bit but it's always defeated in the end. Usually it's when the villain goes into his whole monologue describing how he was able to almost pull of his evil plan but in the case of George W, it'll be another press conference where he mixes metaphors and stumbles so much that like a comic villain he'll expose his own stupidity and weakness. Oh wait, he's already done that several times, right? Well, guess I'd better go and figure out what I'm going to do with all that extra sunlight tonight. Daylight Saving Time - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • budwood profile image

      budwood 9 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Well, Some, I mostly agree with you.  In general, Daylight Savings Time is bad and the 3 week extension is a crime.  But big business wants it because they want us to move around in the early evening and buy things  - - even if we use more gasoline to do it.  And, of course, candy manufacturers like it lighter so the "trick and treaters" will visit more houses. 

       See my hub, and my commnent about sleepy airline pilots.  Wish there were congresspeople on that flight!

      I have asked my government lacky (Congressperson) to do away with the 3 week extension.  You might want to do the same - - but start small; they're not going to do away with DST altogether, yet.