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Democrats, It’s Time To Use The Oprah Card

Updated on September 11, 2008

What is going on with the Democrats? Are we once again on the verge of blowing it? (Not unlike what the Republican senators do in men's rooms and texting their male senate pages?) Honestly, it's just too painful to watch again. It's like watching Gone With The Wind and telling yourself that this time Rhett won't walk out on Scarlett. Well, hello people? Can you not see the voters walking out and over to the South? (That is how the whole separatist things works, does it not Mrs. Palin?) I think it's time that we Democrats realized that sometimes you have to fight stupidity with a sure thing. Democrats, it's time to use the Oprah card - Don't Get Me Started!

I watched as Oprah started her new season with all of the Olympic athletes from the recent Beijing games. I couldn't help myself, I teared up in all the same places Oprah did and I didn't even mind seeing the "Mama Rose" of the Olympic games (Michael Phelps' mother) crying yet again. I also had to stop and ask myself just why we didn't (as a country) give those athletes a party upon their arrival home? I mean we were all glued to our sets rooting them on and then we just feel okay to let them come home, go back to their lives with their bazillion dollar endorsement deals and appearing on Saturday Night Live or Dancing With The Stars but not throw them a ticker tape parade in the streets of New York? I don't get that one but I do get that Oprah knew exactly what she was doing because she's smart and she knew that no one could resist the Olympians. So someone please explain to me why we're not being smart using Oprah for the campaign like we should at this point?

I don't care what you say about Oprah's slipping ratings, I was in Seattle once and there was a convention where Oprah was talking and the streets were lined with screaming white women in their forties who would swoon at just the mere idea of getting to get a look at her and when you look around who hasn't been voting in recent elections, it seems to me someone would catch on and start shoving Oprah in everyone's faces to get us back into the game.

As the Republicans have shown, it's not about policies it's about politics. Forget issues, forget campaign promises and forget how badly the Republicans have mucked things up for the past eight years, they're doing it to us again. They're fucking us without taking us to dinner or giving us lubricant and we're sitting still again waiting to play the familiar role of victim and cry rape way too late after the fact. We can't afford to sit back, be respectful and "see how it all plays out." We need to bring in the big guns (something Palin understands). We need Oprah.

I know that we screwed up in the last couple of elections because we got "too Hollywood" for middle America but we're not talking a Jew like Barbra Streisand or someone like Susan Sarandon here, we're talking the woman who gets millions of viewers to watch her drive in a car for days with Gayle King and think they've been entertained, y'all! If she can do that, she can start to give Obama what he needs...WOMEN AND THEIR VOTES!

So I'm begging you, Mother Oprah (see musical Evita and my comparison of the two at or by clicking the video below) we need you and all your savvy to help us out here. Please send your Angels (you know, from your network - since you're the only person I know who owns their own network of angels), put Obama on your "favorite things" show and put his book on your book club selection and let's start shifting this election back to our side just like the Republicans did, by enlisting the media and a woman! Democrats, it's time to use the Oprah card - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

      Completely agree with this. The way things are going right now, Oprah would be just what we need. <3 Oprah.