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Diabetes, Blood Sugar and Glucose Monitors

Updated on April 28, 2008

diabetes testing supplies

diabetes testing blood glucose monitor
diabetes testing blood glucose monitor

Free Blood Glucose Monitors and Testing Supplies

There are numerous ways to obtain free or low-cost diabetes testing supplies or blood glucose monitors if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

If you are covered by MediCare, a number of companies will process the paperwork to provide you with a free blood glucose monitor and your diabetic testing suppies for free.

Many of these companies are advertised on television or are available online. They include Liberty Medical, Diabetc Care Services and FreedomMed. All will ship free diabetes test supplies directly to your door and do all MediCare billing paperwork for you with no fee for shipping or handling.

If you suffer from Type I (Type 1 Diabetes) or Type II (Type 2 Diabetes) and you are not covered by MediCare, you may obtain low-cost blood glucose monitors to monitor your blood sugar levels from a number of online vendors, such as Amazon.Com or Drugstore.Com. Both of these online stores offer free shipping and postage with minimum orders. Amazon.Com also offers a service called Amazon Prime that provides free shipping on all of your orders, regardless of size, for a flat $79 per year. Most products are delivered within two days with this service. Overnight delivery is available for an additional $3.99 per order.

Another good source of information is This website contains a lot of useful information about Diabetes and the best places to get free or low-cost Diabetic medical supplies like blood glucose meters (monitors) and test strips.


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