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Diary of Anne Frank Timeline

Updated on December 30, 2008

Act I Scene I Pg. 7-9

 Mr. Frank comes to say goodbye to Miep. He has decided to leave Amsterdam, the memories are too painful. He says to burn everything until he stumbles upon Anne’s Diary. He begins to read the diary.

 Act I Scene II Pg. 11-24

 The Van Daans and the Franks meet for the first time. They become acquainted with each as they prepare for the long journey ahead. When they arrive at the secret annex they sort out how they will live together. These subjects include where everyone will sleep and when they will be able to move and talk. Once they get comfortable, Anne and Peter start to become friendly with each other. Anne and Mr. Frank then talk about how they will be living.

Act I Scene III Pg. 24-41

 After two months in the secret annex Anne is having trouble getting along with the others. The scene begins with Anne stealing Peter’s shoes. As the scene continues Anne gets in a number of arguments with the adults. They keep saying that she should be more like Margot and this really seems to bother Anne.

 Act I Scene III Pg. 42-52

 Mr. Kraler tells Mr. Frank that Dirk, Miep’s boyfriend, has a Jewish friend, Mr. Dussel, that needs somewhere to hide. Mr. Frank agreed to allow him to stay temporarily. As the Franks and the Van Daans greet Mr. Dussel they catch up on the situation of fellow Jews. Anne and Mr. Dussel were going to be sharing a room with each other so they worked out how they would split the room during the day.

 Act I Scene IV Pg. 52-59

Several months later Anne has a nightmare and Mr. Dussel (still there) starts to make a big deal about it. He throws a tantrum saying that she was putting everyone at risk of being discovered because she is moving too much and talking in her sleep. Mrs. Frank comes into the room to calm down Anne. Anne asks for her father so she can tell him that he is the only one that she loves.

 Act I Scene V Pg. 60-69

 It was the first night of Hanukkah and the Franks, the Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel are trying to have a normal celebration. Anne gets presents for everyone. She gets: Margot a crossword puzzle book, Mrs. Van Daan shampoo, Mr. Van Daan cigarettes, Mrs. Frank 10 hours of Anne doing whatever she says, Mr. Frank a muffler, Mouchi a ball of paper with a string, Peter a safety razor, and Mr. Dussel ear plugs. Then they finish the Hanukkah ceremony.

 Act I Scene V Pg. 70-75

 At the end of the Hanukkah celebration a thief breaks into the building. Everyone is imagining the Gestapo and the green police. Tension builds as they hold still. When it seems the building has been evacuated, Mr. Frank goes down and interprets the fact that it was a thief. If the thief was ever caught he might tell of their location as a bribe to get out of jail.

 Act II Scene I

 On January 1, 1944, Miep comes to the secret annex with a cake that says, “Peace in 1944.” They all go crazy over the cake and how much they will get each. After Miep leaves Mr. Kraler talks about an employee that asked for double his current salary. They didn’t know if he just wanted more money or if he knew everyone was in the secret annex and it was blackmail. They gave him a 50% raise and waited for his reaction to see if it was blackmail. Towards the end of the scene Peter and Anne start to become even friendlier.

 Act II Scene II Pg. 93-103

 Anne is getting dressed and taking extra precaution (most likely for Peter). Everyone is occupied and, they are all worried about Mr. Kraler. He isn’t doing too well and everyone is on the edge worried. All through the scene Anne is saying that she is ugly, first to Margot and then to Peter. Telling this to Peter leads him to giving Anne a kiss on the cheek.

 Act II Scene III Pg. 104-113

 It was the middle of the night and Mr. Van Daan came down the stairs. He went into the food safe and took half a loaf of bread. As the safe closes creaking sound pollutes the silence of the night. Mrs. Frank woke up to see Mr. Van Daan, the food thief. During their entire time in the secret annex Mrs. Frank had not yet lost her temper but this was simply too much. She told him to leave the secret annex. Everyone is out and they sort out the problem with the food thief. After they calm down and solve the problem Anne starts apologizing for how she has acted towards her mother.

 Act II Scene IV Pg.114-120

 The scene begins with repetitive telephone calls. Mr. Dussel and Mr. Van Daan want Mr. Frank to go downstairs and answer the phone. Mr. Frank refused to answer the phone. Shortly after Peter and Anne talk about how Peter can’t take it much longer and how Anne has been surviving. Their conversation is interrupted by the Nazi’s coming in and taking them away to the concentration camp.

 Act II Scene V Pg. 121-122

After going through the diary Mr. Kraler, Miep, and Mr. Frank discuss what has happened, what they have experienced, and what happened on that day that they were taken away.



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