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Diet Secrets of the Naturally Slim

Updated on November 1, 2008

Are there really any secrets to dieting anymore? We know about so many of the realistic options out there and a lot of the so-called "secrets" are just weird. I mean, who really wants to eat seaweed or drink odd-tasting shakes all the time? If those are diet secrets, then maybe they should stay that way!

So I hesitate to share what's kept me slim as any sort of secret. My diet "secrets" are not so weird but simply what I've discovered works for me thus far. My approach? Staying on top of the situation and making becoming and staying naturally slim a normal, everyday part of my life.

For me, it all begins with my scale. I know a lot of people hate those things but it's a great tool. I use it almost daily. It is the thing that has made getting and staying thin a regular part of life - a lifestyle choice. As long as I'm not obsessive about it, it keeps me aware of my weight and aware of what I need to do about it in a healthy way.

I know what I want my weight to be and when it shifts too far away from that, I know I need to behave and work hard to get things back on track. It gives me the plan of attack for the day. On those days, I watch what I eat and how much I eat of it.

I try to fill my kitchen with healthy eating options to begin with but I do splurge. So on days that I need to watch my weight, I make sure to stick with the healthy stuff and I also pay attention to my portions. I try to ask myself: Do I have to have another piece of bread? How many carrots do I really need? Could I eat half the meat and leave the rest for another meal?

Another secret of portion control (that benefits your budget as much as your diet) is that it makes food go a lot further - could be a nice boost for your bank account!

I also try to be more active on days the scale doesn't stay where I want it to. I'll admit that I have recently joined a gym, but before that, I stayed active in other ways. I took advantage of hanging out with my three very active kids. I did things around the house.

It's amazing how active you can keep yourself just doing basic (and I mean basic!) housework - especially if you weren't doing a lot before. The most important thing for me was being intentional and aware of how much I moved throughout the day.

I realized how many opportunities I had missed with this after I left my sit-behind-a-desk-all-day office job to stay home with my kids. Not everyone can or wants to leave their desk job, but what I learned is so valuable for those still there - and for me if I ever go back. When I was working I should have been taking advantage of any and all opportunities to get out from behind that desk!

But the best part of paying attention to your scale is not just how it can get you going. The scale can also be rewarding. On those days that the scale looks great, I pat myself on the back and might just consider a little splurge.

So no weird milkshakes, seaweeds or soup diets for me! I'd rather hug my scale and take each day as it comes.


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    • profile image

      jenny sui 9 years ago

      hi you have done a great job. keep it up...