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Discovering Beethoven

Updated on October 1, 2007

AmplifierMagazine posed the question: "What *new* music have you heard that you fell in love with? and why?"

This is most likely not what the folks at the Indie Magazine are looking for, but it's an open question and I am nonetheless passionate about it. For most of my adult life I've loved many kinds of music. I've liked "alternative", rock, hard rock, metal, pop, world beat, country, bluegrass, Jazz, oldies, folk, classical and probably many more I can't think of now. But over the past 4 years or so, I've found so much "popular" music to be more of the same, boring stagnant stuff that came before.

To be sure, becoming a father has had a maturing and mellowing effect. But I'm not alone.

After the 90's and grunge, somewhere along the road, MTV and VH1 stopped playing videos, and radio stations started playing from the same play list. Musicians started playing it safe and listening to their corporate record label business graduates.

Music is art, not business.

When business dictates the direction of art, it ceases to be what made it great. You end up with Corporate rock, and digitized drum beats and Britney Spears.

All of this has led me to tune out of the mainstream of music. I turned down the road of Country and Bluegrass because they were real musicians playing real instruments. They wrote their own songs and could actually carry a tune.

Carrying a tune seems to be another lost art form. I'm all for rhythm and a strong beat in music, but I like a little melody too. I'm crazy like that.

Lately, I've rediscovered classical music. Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, and Beethoven to name a few. Their music is timeless, and beautiful.

Beethoven has had an especially profound effect on me. I got a CD of his Cello and Piano compositions: Beethoven: Complete Music for Piano and Violoncello for Father's day. This single CD has totally changed my taste in music!

I've always liked Beethoven, but have never been particularly inspired by his music. That has changed. Soon after drinking in the piano and cello pieces, I acquired a copy of his 3rd and 5th symphonies (with the 2nd and 7th on order) as well as his piano sonatas (8,14,23). I absolutely love every one, although the cello and piano pieces remain my favorite.


In the end, the "new" music that I have fallen in love with isn't really all that new, but it is new to me. Maybe if you find yourself in a predicament similar to the one I was in a few years ago, you might try delving into the musical heritage of western culture and check out some classical roots!


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    • AmplifierMagazine profile image

      AmplifierMagazine 10 years ago

      You know I can understand your sentiments. A lot of pop music, especially the Top 40 is pretty lame these days. I think that's why we're so passionate about <a href="">indie music</a>, because there needs to be something different out there. Classical is definitely different because a lot of people haven't yet discovered its greatness.