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Disicipline vs Punishment II

Updated on September 14, 2007

There is a difference

There is a thin line between discipline and punishment. When you discipline someone, you train them, or in some cases, you correct them in a positive manner. When you punish someone it's for something they done, with no positive results intended.

For example: A student is caught cheating on a test -what do you do? A method of discipling that person is to: 1. Show them how to study more effectively 2. Make sure they have the ability to learn 3. Provide them the proper tools to study. (For example, a calculator if it's math problem. Punishment would be to ground them, spank them, and things of this nature.

Once improvement is shown, reward them. It can be verbal, (for example, you did a good job, or a gift that they must work to get.)

Both are effective, depending on the situation. The one problem is, it takes more time on the parents part to discipline but they can punish without taking much time.


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    • Ray P Burriss profile image

      Ray P Burriss 8 years ago from Chattanooga


      You are correct - spanking is the best metod of correcting someone under certain circumstances. It should not be the first course of action in most cases however. A lot of parents today would rather be pals and not parents, and in order to do this, they often take the side of the child instead of the teacher, without even knowing the problem, (to continue your line of thought of the teacher.) As a result, the teacher or other authority figues have lost thier respect and power. Just to cite on personal example: as a college student I had a drivers license that allowed me to drive a school bus. (This was in 1961) One kid played his trumpet mouth piece a number of times, even though I has asked him to stop. Since it was a full bus of kids, some standing in the aisle, I couldn't identify who was doing it. But, I knew that the bus route would take me into a farm area soon. When it did, I took the bigest student I could find and put him off the bus, with the closest farm house at least 1/2 mile away. (The temperature was 18 degrees.) He protested that he didn't do it. I responded that I know he didn't but he would find out who did. After that, the bus was quite with no more loud noise. But, I could never do that today, any more than a teacher can spank a child who may need it. So, a person in authority has to come up with a plan "B" since plan "A" is not allowed. That's why spanking is not allowed in most cases.

    • profile image

      vikki jones  8 years ago

      I agree that spankings should be limited, but they are necessary. Do you not remember how safe schools use to be when teachers implemented paddlings. I do, and miss having that security for my kids. I admitt, I hated paddlings but that made me try not to get into trouble. I feel sorry for todays teachers because they have no power. When I was growing up parents and teachers worked together if you got in trouble at school, lets just say you took your time getting home. We need to go back to what it says in the bible, and not worry about the government or those in power.They are screwing up the economy enough already!