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How to Display your Doll Collection

Updated on October 16, 2008

Doll collectors understandably, have a desire to display their doll collection. If dolls are not displayed correctly the collector could find that they have inadvertently caused irreversible damage to their dolls or have managed to create what the rest of their family perceives to be as clutter. Here are a few basic guidelines to help prevent either of these scenarios.

Suitable Areas to Display your Doll Collection

If you have a spare room in your house that you can devote to your doll collection then you are one of the lucky few that can concentrate only on the manner in which you are going to display your doll collection.

A vast majority of doll collectors have limited space to display their collections and will need to consider displaying their dolls in small groupings around the home and maybe a few more on a shelf or on a small table in the guest room. If your tolerance to clutter is low then it is suggested that your doll groupings are kept to small groups of three to four dolls.

When selecting your area to display your dolls keep in mind that direct sunlight, strong artificial light, cigarette smoke and extreme temperatures may cause permanent damage to your dolls and doll clothing. Dust and dirt on your dolls could also attract insects to your dolls resulting ion irreparable damage.

Choosing a Medium for Display

Once you have selected the area in your home that you wish to use for your doll display you need to decide on the type of furniture or shelving would be most appropriate.

If you are working on a tight budget open shelves with brackets is an option but keep in mind that these dolls will require regular dusting as this type of display offers no protection from dust and dirt. This type of shelving is more suited to a modern doll collection and does not work quite as well for antique doll collections.

A popular option for displaying antique doll collections is to use antique wooden cabinets such as old shop cabinets or antique curio cabinets or bookshelves. If you decide to display your dolls on any wooden surface make sure you line the shelves with muslin or cotton as the acidic chemicals in wood can discolor your dolls and their clothing.

Effective Display Options

Visual clutter can be minimized if dolls are displayed either by grouping by size, type or color. If you have the available space do not crowd your dolls as besides easily looking cluttered you can damage the dolls outfits if they are pushed up against each other. If you have dolls from different eras you can display them according to date of manufacture, forming a time line.

Do not be overhasty when considering the various display options as this is the central point of your doll collecting where you really get to appreciate and enjoy your doll collection.

Bear in mind that you may not be able to display all your dolls at the same time and it is advisable to note on your doll inventory which dolls are on display and which are in storage.


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