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Do you have Snufilupigiousness?

Updated on October 10, 2008

How to spot a Snufilupigious

  • You just met and already you know the names of their hairdresser, neighbour and cousins new boyfriend
  • They won't shut up when you ask them for advice and they tell you the advice they once gave so and so
  • They insist on commenting on everything you do, as well as what everyone does or says
  • You feel like your in a bad jerry Springer show when this person is around
  • They are the nosiest buggers you have ever met in you entire existence of living


A typical Snufilupigious conversation, one sided of course...

"Did you know that your neighbours brother is dating the lady down the street whose husband just died in an accident while drinking and driving, and did you know not all of her kids are his, I heard they each have a different father, and they are both in prison. Did you know....."

.....STOP....I can't take it any more.

So needless to say if you or someone you know seems to spread information like a wild fire spreads through a dry prairie field; then you or they have a bad case of Snufilupigiousness Your nose is sticking out way too much, you are a nosy parker who shares ways to much information with way to many people, in other words you are a blabber mouth. Sorry but it must be said.

First of all I use to lots of those friends who knew everything about everyone and had no inquiries when deciding to share it with the rest of the world. Those people you know who you are, well you drive me crazy. I would like to know what gives you or anyone else the right to talk about everyone to anyone, why is it my business if so and so down the road said such and such to who ever, listen I hate a blabber mouth. This world is so full of garbage why do we insist on filling it up with useless conversation. The world has such beauty that we do not need to plague ourselves with the useless tidbits of so and so's life....Don't you agree?

The reason I decided to write this hub is this, someone said something to me the other day, the conversation was much like the one in the beginning of this hub. She proceeded in telling me something about someone else and I couldn't help wonder if she was telling things like this about me and my family to others who barley knew us. As I found out later she had in fact indulged some stuff that really wasn't meant to be front page news, it wasn't anything huge or horrible it was stupid and insignificant and I couldn't believe this person had nothing better to say then useless crap.

I my self often have useless crap to say because well I am a writer but it's not gossip about friends or family or the lady down the road. So I ask you the next time you ramble to someone about someone else, think "Would I want someone to tell this about me," chanced are you wouldn't. So lets find some more meaningful things to talk about, if your life is so consumed with the on-goings of others then my advice is get a hobby, get inspired to help others, be somebody, do something and stop being a Snufilupigiousness, because your nose id showing.

Snufilupious are these mixed creatures, a long nose snuffy and a know it all pig
Snufilupious are these mixed creatures, a long nose snuffy and a know it all pig


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    • wannabwestern profile image

      Carolyn Augustine 

      10 years ago from Iowa

      Yes! I have a few people like this in my life, too. It's difficult to turn a deaf ear when they're relatives you love. Some people who are like this really don't have anything worthwhile in their lives. Others are just really misguided. This hub has a strong ring of truth to it. Thanks for the thoughts, and I really liked your angle on it.

    • talented_ink profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      First off, I do like this hub because it is very truthful. The unfortunate part is that with so many gossip columns, magazines, and t.v. shows, the snufilupigiousness is only able to be spread even more. The only way for us to stop this outbreak is by turning a deaf ear to it.


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