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Do Sensor Tags Really Work

Updated on March 10, 2007

Sensor Tags

The truth is that sensor tags are more trouble than there worth. If you work in a store that has an active eas ( electronic surviellance system) how often do you here the annoying sound of the beep, beep, beep. The answer is too often. And most of the time it is a cashier mistake that causes the alarm to go off. Realistically for every 20 times that alarm sounds, maybe 1 person actually stole something. Is the eas a good way to sway thieves? Yes, in some cases, but the fact is that if they really want it there gonna take it.

In most stores as soon as you see an eas system at the door you think. " I hope that thing doesn't go off when I go through." Why? the answer is simple. It's humiliating! Everyone standing within 50 feet of you are staring at you like you just stole something. Believe it or not most people frown on feeling that way. I know I do. All that alarm does is create a distraction for the real thief to slip away unnoticed!

Now if that has not helped you lets go a step further. The quality of the tags suck! You have several different types of tags. The first one is what is called the gator tag. The gator tag is a simple plastic rectangle shaped tag that is imbedded with an electronic sensor, and attacthes to another half. The second half is mearly a stick pin attatched to a disc like end. To attach the sensor tag you push the pin through the item and into the other piece.

The problem with this tag is that pin is too long and with you standard small wire snip you can just cut the pin and then you're free to take the item without incident. The second most popular tag is the cone. The cone is a cone shaped tag that is released by a magnet that you generally would have at the checkout for use. The problem with this is that the cones can be released with any halfway decent magnet. The third and last is the standard inc tag. These do not set the alarm off. Instead these have exploding in tubes that break when tampered with. The problem is you destroy more merchandise than you save.

The bottom line is that you're you're gonna invest money into security, Purchase yourself a nice dvr cctv system, and hire some LP Detectives. You"ll save much more money.


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    • profile image

      BOM. 7 years ago

      books a million has nothing stopping thieves. Buy a low-price (3.50 generally) comic book. Then put whatever you're stealing in the bag, though make sure no cameras are around, they have crap loads of blind spots in books a million, or just do it in a shelf. Then casually walk out.

    • profile image

      edward 8 years ago

      I can tell you haven't ever owned a retail store. first of all, just having the system helps deter theft. true, you will never stop the professional thief with a detection system, but it sure helps stop the general thief. since we put our system in we have seen a dramatic drop in theft of products.

      hiring a security guard will never work as well as a detection system, so as far as your article goes i think your way off base. do you run a company that rents cops.....

    • profile image

      TeErica Booker 10 years ago

      man u suck u r a "J"