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Do We Really NEED An Anna Nicole Movie

Updated on August 7, 2007

Do We Really NEED An Anna Nicole Movie? - Don't Get Me Started!

I know the movie is all ready in the making so perhaps talking about it here is moot but I must nonetheless as I really have no idea why we would need a movie about Anna Nicole's life. You see she already did that herself with her wacky reality series, The Anna Nicole Show. Once you're on a reality television show is there any need to show the rest of your life? And in the case of most reality stars, how much is there really left to show, really? Yes, I know that there's all the editing they do so I'm sure there are endless hours of Anna eating pickles but really what's left now that we've seen Whitney Houston on the toilet and Kathy Griffin in a rat suit? Do we really NEED an Anna Nicole movie? - Don't Get Me Started!

I can't lie, I watched The Anna Nicole Show. I loved it. I mean, where else are you going to see someone so out of control now that Robert Downey Jr. seems to have gotten a handle on his drug problem? I would watch each week in shock, disgust and lust after the next episode. I would see a coming attraction of Anna being crazier than she was on the current episode and I would double check my Tivo to make sure I wouldn't miss a minute of the next episode. With the odd cast of characters from parasite Howard K. Stern, pathetic Daniel (her son) who just seemed completely lost, to Kimmie, the six hundred pound gorilla lesbian with unrequited love for Anna (to the point she has a tattoo of Anna's face on herself) to the occasional guest stars of a Bobby Trendy (a supposed designer that I wouldn't let decorate the inside of my cat's carrier) the show was plenty chockfull of entertainment in a reality kind of way. The thing is that I really think I saw the best, worst and all I need to see of Anna on that show so why the movie?

Well, we know why the movie...there's money to be made. Now good for Willa Ford for getting her first acting job since...well, since ever. (This is really her first acting job and we can only hope that the public embraces her more in this role than they did on Dancing With The Stars.) And now in a big twist that has Anna's ex-hairdresser in a teased up tizzy, Bobby Trendy has apparently been cast to play himself in the movie. For those of you who need more clarification, Bobby Trendy (his real name I'm sure <much eye rolling>) was a designer that Anna hired to decorate her home. As Anna's taste appeared to only be in her mouth (when she was shoving food in as fast as anyone could make it and then always following it up with a good old fashioned lie down) unless Guess was dressing her, she wanted lots of pink. So Bobby Trendy did what any good designer wouldn't do...he skinned a couple of Muppets, stole their pink fur and went crazy with a glue gun. We all know from watching Top Design on Bravo and any number of design shows that any designer worth anything employs the use of glue guns to do their best work. It was like having one of those women addicted to crafts like crack decorate your house with fabric and fake pink fur from JoAnne's! It was great fun watching Trendy be not so trendy or good flailing about as Anna fired him. He retorted by talking about how great he was and how many clients he has but I have to wonder just how many five year olds want and can afford to hire the swishiest and worst decorator to come along since the person who invented Early American as a style for furniture and décor. (All those spinning wheels, spindle chairs and doilies - ugh!)

Here's my thought. If they're going to go ahead with this whole Anna Nicole movie shouldn't it be more of an Afterschool Special than a prime time event? Shouldn't it be a cautionary tale of what happens when you get fake boobs, dance on a pole, suck ninety year old pole and eventually surround yourself with enough sycophants throwing pills down your gullet that you won't know how much you're paying them or they're stealing from you or who you are anymore? I think anyone who has picked up a Playboy magazine or seen her reality show has really seen all there is to see when it comes to Anna so why not show something that might do someone some good to the people who need it? You know, like the teen girls out there who think that Anna Nicole is some sort of iconic goddess to emulate?

But I know that the cheese stands alone on this one. I know that so many people are dying to see this movie (and if Delta Burke will bulk up again and go back to being a blonde to play Anna's mother, Virgie). These are the same people that want to watch the Fantasia Barrino story (starring Fantasia Barrino) on Lifetime. If you're a reality star, the reality is that we've already seen enough of you and in some cases, more than we wanted to in the first place. I don't need a television movie based on your life to show me even more about you. I've already got all the entertainment you have to give and I'll just wait for your next album or tabloid article on to find out about your latest escapade. No need for a movie, a play or a short story, in these cases enough is plenty. Do we really NEED an Anna Nicole movie? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 10 years ago

      God I hope not.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Kathy, you&#39;re right - it&#39;ll definitely be a &quot;pass&quot; in my book too. I can&#39;t even imagine what there could be to show of any interest once you&#39;ve watched her reality show and the seven bazillion hours on her death. We&#39;re not talking Princess Diana here or Mother;s just drugged up, boobalicious Anna Nicole and there&#39;s no replacement for the real thing and there&#39;s no reason to watch two hours of a bad reinactment.

    • profile image

      Kathy 10 years ago

      It will only be worth watching if it takes on a campy tone, and not a serious/melodramatic one. But since made-for-TV movies are always schlock with no appreciation for the humor in the morbid, then this will sure to be a pass.