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Does What Goes Around Come Around?

Updated on April 13, 2009

As pals of the Some Like It Scott site and blogs know, I went through a whole mishigas with my dry cleaner and recently returned to them. (To see why I broke up with my dry cleaner and then finally forgave them, watch the Forty-Something Gay VBlogs episodes 3 and 17 - click this link to see all the Forty-Something Gay VBlogs ). But what I discovered this weekend when I picked up my most recent dry cleaning items, was that the teenage girl who had made the rude gesture that started it all was not working there anymore. In fact, not only had she quit (due to the manager cutting her hours back to less than nothing - that's what we call, "pushing someone out" or as they say in the corporate culture to make them feel better - "managing someone out") she had been beaten up by classmates who dislocated her shoulder. So I began to wonder, "Does what goes around come around?" - Don't Get Me Started!

I'd like to believe that people who aren't so nice get what they deserve but I also know plenty of people who are not so nice and are successful as well as happy as clams. This disgusts me no end. I want to believe what we were told in childhood is true, that if you're a good person, hold the door for others and generally be a nice person that nice things will happen to you. Is that too Anne Frank of me?

The thing that surprised me when I heard about the dry cleaner girl getting beat up, was that it didn't bring me any pleasure whatsoever and in fact I began to feel sorry for the girl (whose name I don't even know). You see, there must be something in her that feels so badly about herself that she attacks others (and apparently makes others want to attack her as well). So should I be happy that an unhappy girl who made a rude limp wristed gesture to me got what some say was coming to her? Well, if that's what I'm supposed to feel or do I'm sorry to say that I just can't do it.

At the risk of putting my gay bitchy queen membership card (that some have written in to tell me I carry) in jeopardy of being revoked, I just wish people felt better about themselves. This is not some big new thought (though I should probably write a book about it and go on the talk show circuit) it's really about looking inward first and then outward at the people around you and why they're behaving the way that they do. I look in the mirror every day wishing I was thinner, more muscular, had thicker hair, was more classically handsome so how can that not affect how I view myself and the world around me? And wouldn't it then make sense to take the next step and ask how that affects the way I treat others?

Look I'm not about to put post-its on my mirrors with daily affirmations that make me feel like the Saturday Night Live sketch character Stuart Smalley but at some point there has to come a time when being happy inside might make things happier outside for us, yes? So perhaps those people we all think are nasty really love themselves inside so much and don't see themselves as nasty at all? Maybe that's why it seems as though no real horrible tragedy befalls them when it seems as though it's just and right for that to happen to them? Maybe just maybe they've unlocked the secret that those of us with Jewish guilt and a self-esteem problem just haven't found out yet (until now). That when you like you, others do to (and that includes the world of Karma)! Does what goes around come around? I'm not so sure anymore as to whether it does or even should. Just another thing that makes me tilt my head to the side (like the dog, "Nipper" in the old RCA Victor ads) and go, "Hmmm."

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    • ahmed.b profile image

      ahmed.b 5 years ago from Sweden

      Wonderfully said! And so true.

    • profile image

      miri 8 years ago

      personally, i have been waiting for karma to get a few people back, and i am a strong believer that payback is a b****........."what goes around comes around"

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      Here's to fabulocity! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • shimmergoddess profile image

      shimmergoddess 8 years ago from Bay Area

      It Absolutely comes around!! Just not usually in such an obvious way. People like the girl at your dry cleaners will never know what it feels like to just be happy for no reason at all except because you are alive, or to have great friends or great loves. They will spend the better or worse parts of their lives, huddled beneathe Karam clouds's,angry or feeling sorry for themselves and punishing the rest of us for it. You Should feel sorry for them, that is a sad, sad life to live. The key is to Never let peole like that slow you down. Let your "Fabulocity" rain down on their "socially incorrect parade"!!