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Dog The Bounty Hunter - Legend or Lame?

Updated on November 3, 2007


Keepin' it in the family...

The Legend Lives...


What's all this about Duane dropping the 'N' Bomb?


I love Dog The Bounty Hunter, moreover, I love shouting 'Dog, The Bounty Hunterrrrrr!' when the jingle comes over the television speakers and announces that the time for another episode of Bounty Hunting has begun. Every episode is another exciting hunt for a usually poor and drug addled fugitive who is wandering the streets of Hawaii possibly causing trouble, possibly sleeping on park benches. Dog (aka Duane Chapman) always gets his man, or his woman though, make no mistake on that score. With his trusty cans of mace in his mace holsters, he pulls on his bounty hunting badges and heads out in his big black SUV.

This is the stuff of dreams. However you may have noticed something interesting in the last sentence. Mace, in Mace holsters, how intriguing, surely he should be carrying guns like the rest of those crazy Americans? (No offense intended to Americans, let's face it, we're all crazy now anyway these days.)

Dog's official line is that he doesn't believe in guns, but perhaps the real reason that he's not packing heat is that he is a convicted felon, and convicted felons are not allowed to own or wield firearms. Curiouser and curiouser you might think. What exactly does the Dog's rap sheet look like? Well, there are 18 robbery convictions as well as conspiracy to murder. Heavy stuff.

But Dog makes no attempt to cover up his checkered past. In fact, he celebrates it, using it as an example to try to inspire the fugitives her brings to justice to go straight and make something of their lives. Duane has done the crimes, and he's done the time, so why isn't everybody his greatest fan?

Well, it has something to do with his line of work. You see, a bail bondsman helps people who cannot afford the bail set for them to make bail for a percentage of the total bail cost. For example, if bail is set at $50,000, for a mere $ 5000, you can be on your way back to the beach just as long as you promise to show up for your court date.

The real problem arises when these little scamps don't show up for court. That's when Dog has to put on his vest and go and hunt them down. Many people think that this is more like a 'somebody else catch, then you release and catch again' sort of program, and nothing that should be glamorized, after all, the Dog is making a rod for his own back with these people.

Ah, but there's the rub. He may be making a rod for his own back, but he is also making great tv with some real family Christian values. (You did spot the way that they all pray before going to hunt a fugitive, didn't you?) He also has really big biceps and long hair, as well as a couple more not unattractive side kicks in the form of his brother and son.

He may be doing the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel, after all, Hawaii is a really incredibly small place when you get down to it, but as long as there is a metal riff and a sexy silhouette, I think we have to accept the Legend of the Dog is here to stay.


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    • profile image

      John Wrobel 6 years ago

      He's definitely LAME. I'd like to see this guy try to breach a house where the owner is prior military and fully stacked. Going in with his mace gun I think he'd get a rude awakening "Bro." Get fucking real.


    • profile image

      MIKE DALEY 7 years ago

      It's interesting that A&E is paying Chapman for this show when the network does not hire felons to work for them. Sort of strange isn't it? No wait - it's about money. As long as they make money off Chapman - they don't care that he has a rap sheet a mile long including 18 convictions for armed robbery and a murder charge in which he spent time in prison for. Now I'm all for giving felons second chances but when A&E refuses to hire felons to work as camera operators, office help, etc, then it becomes bigotry. Even Beth Chapman lost her child to the state for neglect. Hardly any company will hire felons even the non-violent ones of which Chapman is not. It's time we extended parity to all felons in this country not just a couple with long hair and a fat wife.

    • profile image

      Rick 7 years ago

      I can't stand these people, especially Dog and his wife Beth. Is it really necessary to have a 3 foot long bleached blond mullet with all the ridiculous feathers and leather, constantly showing his arms and chest like he's some kind of 80's throw back to an old He-man cartoon. Then the guy's face has so many wrinkles, he looks like a sharpei puppy! They act like they're Christians by making a show of praying before they go out to catch petty criminals and then when they find the person they're looking for, they scream and cuss (which get's bleeped out) and basically act like a bunch of maniacs and Beth tries to act so tough with these people but clearly, if it wasn't for Dog she wouldn't be doing this for a living, riding on her husband's coattails. These people are disgusting, ugly (mainly Dog) white trash circus clowns and should be off the air!

    • profile image

      Tam Miller 7 years ago

      I can;t stand any of them. Fat Beth is a hing oot. She bosses all of them. They all seem to think they're cops. I think that's why Tim isn't there. Beth never liked him, so when he got arrested that was a prayer answered for her. Dog is just an old codger.

    • profile image

      rav 9 years ago

      Hopeless.. complete waste of time.. its the worst reality show in the planet

    • profile image

      alex 9 years ago

      worst show ever. id like to see him try this bulls%@t in compton. all he does is catch pety criminals and thinks hes some kind of god! what the hell is this world coming too.

      Have u seen what they wear too! that cracks me up, pepper spray holsters and "dog" style police badges! these guys are pants. its really set up some of it too, its like they get a rough script and improvise bits.

      i'm not sayin what hes doin is bad, because its not, its the opposite. He is doing some good i guess.

      i just dont like it when his sons, in law or whatever think they own the bad guys by acting like jumped up little punks "dressed" up as an armed responce team without actually having any "arms"

      all in all LAME

    • profile image

      BKNAPP 10 years ago

      I dont think something privately taped to a family member is fair to have broadcast all over the world..... we all act differently behind closed doors on occassion..... we dont all get plastered all over the news however. I say give Dog a chance... he does try and do many good things and seems to have a nice family and lots of love together.