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Dr. Brandt's Crease Release ~ A Customer Review

Updated on July 19, 2008

We all want to step out into the world and project our best self. Beauty and confidence can radiate in our every step when we feel ready to take on the world. I have always been a big believer in the power of skincare and how it leads to that flawless and completely put together look. So, in my always experimental quest for the newest and latest beauty finds, I've stumbled upon an amazing "high performance" cream that actually can alter your skin's appearance to it's most luminous possible state.

Dr. Brandt is a favorite among the very rich and many celebrities alike. In his special exclusive line of skincare, he has created a face cream called "crease release" that contains something that is powerful and known as GABA complex. A very recent discovery of an advanced cream that is able to relax your facial muscles in order to lessen the look of wrinkles, fine lines and creases.

The instructions direct you to use a very small amount onto skin that has already been cleansed and moisturized. I use an anti-aging serum as well before applying this product, and between my cleansing and moisturizing routine. This cream is meant to be put on last and it is required to "set" for about a minute. Using this product to soften your face is similar to the effects of Botox without the pain and inconvenience.

I like that you need the most minute amount for it to actually work. You notice the difference immediately and when skin is properly cared for and moisturized, it can last you all day. Although, some may want to reapply after 8-10 hours. My friends and family asked me what I was doing to my skin, and although I hesitated for a moment, I unselfishly shared my secret.

I like the way this cream feels when using it. It's refreshing in a menthol sort of way, similar o the way a cold cream might feel. Makeup seems to last longer and looks more polished when I'm using "crease release". It might be a bit expensive, but I have found EBAY to have some very reputable suppliers that can be reasonable in cost and shipping.

I highly recommend this product for those beautiful women that need a little extra lift for those special occasions or those lucky enough to afford this for their daily use. It's definitely a product that is superior in quality and will become one of your favorite "can't do without" purchases.


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