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Drinking Raw Unprocessed Milk

Updated on March 11, 2008

Drinking Raw Milk

We make it illegal, we label it unhealthy, we regulate it to the point that it's impossible to sell. Drugs? Alcohol? Tobacco?

Try good, old-fashioned raw milk. I grew up on it, straight from my uncle's farm. Unpasteurized, unhomogenized, in gallon glass jars, straight from the cow. The same way millions of people have drunk milk for thousands of years. And guess what, I think I was a healthier child for drinking it. I do know I loved it! It makes today's supermarket milk taste like the plastic it comes in.

Current theories that have yet to be disproven say that raw milk is healthier!

  • Non-homogenization keeps the fat globules at a size where your body can assimilate them more easily, rather than them just passing into your blood stream as unprocessible fat.
  • Non-pasteurization keeps heat from destroying the many vitamins and trace elements found in the natural milk.
  • Cows used to produce raw milk are tested much more regularly, and fed and cared for better than their factory counterparts. Some of them actually get to eat grass and other living food.
  • The milk is distributed and/or sold much more quickly than normal grocery store milk, so there is less vitamin loss due to age and exposure to air and light.


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    • MindField profile image

      MindField 8 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      This is an important hub, PR.

      I signed all the petitions for Organic Pastures when they were being hounded because I, too, was raised on raw milk. My grandfather was a founder of the Tillamook Creamery Association and my dad ran one of his farms for him when I was small. We never thought twice about dipping a big ladle into the bucket and drinking it down as our Holsteins were being milked.

      What nonsense it has all become. Everybody is so afraid to have real anything that they swathe their foods in plastic and their bodies in antibiotic gunk. No wonder we're now fighting off germs the size of Godzilla!

      I say back to nature - and the sooner the better.