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Drugs in our Water and Edible Clay

Updated on March 20, 2008
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The recent AP article that reported that trace pharmaceuticals, prescription and over-the-counter, are found in our drinking water has us all worried. But truly, our city tap water has never been a fount pristine of H2O. If you take a peek at the EPA website (don't do it if you have a weak stomach,) you'll surely avoid drinking water ever again. (Bear in mind that the list of possible contaminants in the water is measured in parts per billion, and not all regions have the same content. One has to contact their local water district manager to find out the particulars for one's own area.)

This is a list of all the contaminate headings on the EPA's safe water facts web page:

  • Microbes

  • Radionuclides

  • Inorganic Contaminates including but not limited to mercury, cyanide, and chromium .
  • Synthetic Organic Contaminants, including pesticides & herbicides

  • Volatile Organic Contaminants

  • Disinfectants

  • Disinfection Byproducts

  • and a little extra something, a fuel additive called MTBE.

I suppose the EPA will now have to update their website to include the heading: Trace Pharmaceuticals.

Mmmmm, thirsty?

The AP article that reported pharmaceuticals in our drinking water also stated that consuming only bottled water, or water from home filtration systems doesn't necessarily protect you from ingesting these contaminants.

We can't avoid drinking water, even if you stuck with all fruit and vegetable juices. (One too has to wonder if plant life metabolizes contaminants in water, or would they show up in the fruits and vegetables were they tested?) So what can we do?

This may not be the miracle answer, but I recently learned about Terramin (Calcium Montmorillonite) which is an edible clay. It is termed "living clay" for it has some very interesting properties that aid the body in eliminating some or all of the nasty pollutants. The more I read about this product, the more intrigued and impressed I became.

Here are some of the healing properties of this clay for humans and animals:

  • It detoxifies the body. The clay which is negatively charged binds with positively charged pollutants in the body such as bacteria, heavy metals or inorganic contaminants as the EPA calls them.

  • It has a ph of 8.3 which serves to alkalize the body which makes the body a hostile environment for cancer

  • It is anti-parasitic

  • Contains highly absorbable calcium - NASA astronauts take Terramin to prevent osteoporosis while in space.

  • An immune booster

  • Boosts the body's enzyme production

Terramin has also been featured on the Discovery Channel, is used by the Gerson Institute, and has been studied by Dr. Neva Jensen who wrote "The Healing Power of Living Clay".

Given that I found no contraindications for Terramin in the numerous articles I've read, I've ordered a 2lb jar for myself and Nutramin for Dogs for my pet. If I can cleanse my body from the toxins that are tainting my water and environment with something as elemental as clay, then I'm going to give it a try.


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    • RTalloni profile image


      9 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks so much for this info. Definitely want to check it out for family, friends, and self. Have enjoyed looking over your hubs. Your careful, informed writing is a benefit to others. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    • Tom Cornett profile image

      Tom Cornett 

      9 years ago from Ohio

      Interesting hub....thanks! :)

    • deepthinkin profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from California

      Thanks Bluebird for your positive feedback. I've added a link to this hub to the source for Terramin. You can purchase it there, or do a google search on Terramin to find other dealers and/or more information on healing clay (it's amazing stuff!)

      Health food stores carry edible clay but most carry calcium bentonite. After reading several articles I chose to highlight Terramin specifically since it seemed to be a finer product to me.

    • bluebird profile image


      10 years ago

      Glad to see someone else is writing about this alarming problem. Isn't it awful? I appreciate you sharing this information, I have never heard of edible clay. Very interesting! Anything natural is what we're interested in. Can you buy it at the health food store? I'm very curious as to what kind of taste you get with it in the water.

      We just recently had a water purifier system/conditioner system installed which we're very relieved about. Just doing what we can and happy to do it.

      If you'd like to read my hub about water, I've given it below:

      Best of luck to you! And may God bless.


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