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Dwelling about the past/ Runaway

Updated on October 2, 2008

our life is vast and inspiring


Dwelling About the Past

If only I could fall into the hands of darkness

And surrender my pain and hollowness.

I can only imagine telling you

How much I miss you

Now I appreciate your grace

Leaving, marks me with disgrace

I remember kindness streaming out your hair

Claiming my unrealistic unwanted despair

You said I "suffocated our flair

A piece of my heart unready to spare!"

Now I break like a fragile vase

For my life is some big maze

I fall into eternal pain every time it rains

Now " All that is left is the poison in my veins" (1)


I lied a thousand times

In what I call my rhymes

I'm not disturbed nor depressed

nor unstable nor stressed

Not what I my poem says

Nor what I describe : A mess

A writer experiencing the dark side

A runaway while my true identity I hide


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