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E-Books: The Internet's Biggest Rip-off

Updated on April 8, 2013
Logo for, an online E-book vendor
Logo for, an online E-book vendor

E-Books for sale, generally speaking, are rip-offs. There are some exceptions (stated below),but other than those, 98-99% of E-Books aren't worth the electricity they waste to show up on you screen. Please keep in mind the E-Books I'm referring to aren't the free ones, but the ones for sale that you pay fpr. Most of them do provide useful information, but such information could be easily gleaned from a basic Google search. Especially the one's that say "making money quickly and easy: how I made $XXX in one day!!". They're all worth less than digital toilet paper.

As I've said in many other articles, you can indeed make money off the internet if you know what you're doing. But it's neither quick nor easy. It takes work and, most of all, time, just like everything else. It also takes skill gained over time. Next time you see an E-book online (and NOT one about making money quickly and easily), do a google search instead. I'll bet 10 to 1 you find exactly what's written there online and for free.

Why Not Write This Under Your Scams Article?

To see my "Avoiding Internet Scams" article, please click here.

Well, while they might be total rip-offs, the majority of e-books can't be considered scams. Scams deprive you of what you should rightfully own through purchase or aquisition. These E-books (for the most part) DO give you something, much as I dislike what they give, but it's useless to buy them.

It would be akin to me selling you tap water right next to a water fountain. Yes I'm actually giving you a product to buy, but at the same time it would be just plain stupid to buy my water with the fountain right there. For those of you who aren't getting the analogy, the water fountain is analagous to Google, and me selling water is akin to people selling E-Books :).

Right below this is an excellent example of the problem with most E-Books in a minute long video. It's about a guy describing how easy and profitable it is to write E-Books. I won't say you can't make money writing E-books (because you can make at least some money doing it), but generally any information you could write about is already posted for free on the internet. Anyway, if you follow along till the end of the video, there's a website to go to...all you need to do is join his secret training program and you'll be living the high life in no time...gee, how nice :). I wonder how much it costs to get started in his program though...Watch the cheerful video with caution on your minds.

This Guy Sells An E-Book on How To Sell An E-Book...


There are a few notable exceptions. Sometimes, educational textbooks, and full fiction and non-fiction books are put into E-Book form on digital book resellers like These are not rip-offs, although I've always felt weird reading an entire book on my computer rather than on paper.


In conclusion, be careful!! I've seen people just waste $100's of dollars on E-books trying to make money, and instead just lose that which they spent on E-Books. In fact, you're on right now, a superb resource for information on LEGITIMATELY making money on the internet. For a great resource on Making Money Online, check this link out below:


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    • profile image

      Angela Beasley 7 years ago

      The problem with eBooks is that you are paying for something that you will never own. How do you pay full price for something that you cannot own??? Would you pay full price in cash for a car where its use was limited or that you could not transfer to someone else, etc..???

      What do you do when you have downloaded your "limited" access ebook and the computer you downloaded it to fails?? purchase the book again that you already purchased and paid full price for that you don't own?

      Whoever came up with this one is quite a business guru. Sell people something they can't have. WOW....we have become quite gullible....

      If you don't mind paying for something you cannot have then thats fine. I personally ended up stuck with a school that decided to transfer all of our textbooks to eBooks, yet they are still charging us the same price as print textbooks. Yesterday, my hard drive went bad. Guess what? I cannot access my eBook because I am only allowed to download the book I purchased once. How convenient is this?

      Which brings me to the whole "GREEN" idea of it all. I guess I could have planned for mishaps and printed out the entire book and used about $90.00 worth of print ink and an entire ream of paper. Hmmm....Thats not too "Green" is it?

      Then there's the eBook companies that only allow you to print so many pages at a time....that is also very convenient! NOT!

    • profile image

      Matthew 8 years ago

      That's hilarious. I am glad I am not the only one who notices this is really how they scam people.

    • profile image

      Diane 9 years ago


      I am amazed at the price of ebooks, I have been looking at the Sony ebook reader because of its size and portability when travelling. But the price of ebooks are very expensive almost the same price as a book in print, and you can't sell an ebook once you have read it. I usually sell/exchange books Iv'e read to a Second Hand/Used Bookstore. I am told you can't do this with ebooks which makes them twice as expensive for me.