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Easy Ways to Save Money

Updated on April 7, 2007

Saving money should be easy to do, right? For most of us though, it is hard to do on top of all the everyday expenses that hit us from all sides. Saving FIRST should be the way to do it, but that isn't always possible and sometimes that just isn't enough. Let's think of some easy ways that you can save money throughout the month.

Taking advantage of the many rebate offers available is a great way to save money. Many of the items you are already buying offer rebates. Taking five minutes to fill out the form and mailing it, can net you usually a few dollars. Using this example of spending five minutes to get a rebate of $3, this is really an hourly earning rate of $36. I think rebates are worth my time. Don't buy something you won't use just to get the rebate and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If you get a refund for something, why not put it into your savings account or change jar? Usually by the time you get around to returning something it is a different pay period than when you actually purchased the item. Instead of considering this as extra money this pay period, put it into your savings account.

Using coupons is a great way to save money each week - on groceries, toiletries, even eating out. Take the money you saved and put it into your savings account. I have saved up to $35 at a time using coupons, and I average $11. Taking the savings I get from coupons putting it directly into my savings account, I can watch it grow very quickly.

Saving my change is a great way for me to save money. I never spend it when I am shopping and always put it into my change jar each night. Every month or so I deposit this into my savings account. It can really add up quickly, if you pay for most things in cash. If you rarely use cash, this method is not going to generate much money.

How about not spending your money? Have you ever gone shopping and had an item in your hand to buy and then changed your mind for some reason? Put the item back and put the money you would have spent on that item in your savings account.

If you eat out for lunch every day, or stop every morning to get coffee on your way to work, not doing this is a great way to save money. The more days you can pack your lunch or make coffee at home, the more money you save. Even just once a week of taking lunch from home can save you $7. This can be $28 a month. If your office brings in lunch one day, put the cash you would have spent into your savings account.

Each one of these ideas might only save you a few dollars. However, doing all of these things each month can result in $50 - $100 each month. These are simple, easy ways to save and can really generate some extra savings, without much work on your part.


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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Thanks for this Hub. English One Pound coins come in a variety of designs. I save just one. This could be used for USA quarters (I think).

    • profile image

      Lance Vincent 10 years ago

      Hi! nicely put article there! and we have some common tips on how to save money that you can read here on my article!