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Email Marketing Consulting and Solutions

Updated on June 11, 2008

Capture right target audience, understand their behaviour and get closer to them.

Based on a wide variety of criteria, Email Marketing is now accepted as one of the most important tools in the marketer’s armoury. Email marketing allows a rich click-stream of response history to be built up that they can segment, personalise and trigger campaigns based on the “watch, don’t ask” mantra of digital marketing.

In short, Email is being used by more and more consumers, business professionals and marketers as a low cost-per-contact channel which provides a wealth of tracking and reporting information.

Originally restricted to “welcome” messages and regular “e-zines” or newsletters, Email is now woven into many companies’ relationship marketing programme. It is not just sending out messages based on the rhythm of marketing life (example newsletters every third Thursday of the month) but instead, messaging based on actions and/or events in the customer lifecycle.

Add in Email programmes of reminders about important events, or alerts to new web content or relevant new products or services and you have a medium that adds real value to a customer relationship programme.

Thus, it's important to execute the appropriate marketing program in order to communicate effectively with your target audience since it is proven as one of best online marketing tools in generating sales leads, increasing awareness and achieving customer retention.

Over the years, emarketer are constantly look out for an experience and reliable emal marketing consultant that owned a most mature Email marketing broadcast engine available in the market. And has a reputation for delivering multi robust features at unparalleled value. Beside these, they must be understand the best approach to achieve high participation rate and are driven to create professional EDMs with the fitting style to impress our clients’ target audience.


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