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FREE BOOKS: Barnes & Noble, Eat Your Heart Out

Updated on July 26, 2008

In this time of economic uncertainty, everyone is cutting back, no matter the size of their checkbook. Recently, my friend Katy came up with a clever way to enjoy quality time with her girlfriends and score some new paperbacks for summer reading.

Katy invited a dozen friends to come to her house and bring a minimum of three (preferably enjoyable) books they didn't want any longer. When we arrived, we were directed to Katy's dining room where she had placed sheets of colored paper on the table. Each piece of paper had a different label: chick-lit; history; business; self-help, mystery and so on. We were instructed to put our unwanted tomes in the appropriate "department."

After a light meal of chicken salad, fruit and muffins (and a couple of glasses of wine per person), we each drew a number from one to 12. The numbers represented the order in which each person would pick a new, free book.

I donated a couple of Philippa Gregory novels I no longer wanted and a Pilates instruction book that did nothing to make me firmer (and I held it up to my core and everything ... with zilch results). I went home with a self-help book on spirituality, a romance novel for my mom, a hardcopy of "Marley and Me" that I hope to read before the movie comes out and two chocolate chip cookies for my spouse.

Everyone loved the idea of trading books and cutting back on bookstore shopping trips. We plan to repeat the party again in three or four months and have a pot luck dinner.


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    • KT pdx profile image

      KT pdx 9 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA

      Wonderful idea!