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My Experience With The Fae

Updated on February 27, 2013

On one of the forums here on HubPages, there was some talk about the Faeries "who live at the bottom of the garden", and that got me to reminiscing about my own personal interactions with the Realm Of The Fae. So I thought I would share with you, dear readers, one of my most memorable Fae experiences that happened during the birth of my 2nd daughter Rowan....

Now I had been having a difficult pregnancy, and, at the time of this experience, I had been in labor for 41 hours - and to understand better the significance of what happened, you'll need to know a bit of background: It was New Years Eve, 1991. I was refusing any sort of pain medication as I wanted Rowan's birth to be as natural as possible. I was in my lull, before the very last stage of delivery, and was all alone in my room. All the lights were off and the door to the hall was opened only a few inches. As I lay there, I began to notice a warm golden glow coming from somewhere near the foot of my bed. So I sat up a bit to see what was causing that reflection on the walls, bed and floor. And lo and behold - there were about 50 small, shining, golden orbs, dancing about the three or four feet off the floor at the foot of my bed!

And as I was looking at them, their "dancing" became more and more wild.... so I rubbed my eyes, and they were still there! I rubbed them again - Yep! Still there! After about 4 minutes of watching them and realizing that they were not going to go away, I began pushing my nurse call button - and when she finally came in, I said in a whispered tone: "What do you see at the foot of my bed?"

"Nothing... why?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes........ why?"

Mind you, I was still staring at the faeries. But apparently she could not see them at all. So I pointed directly at them and said in an urgent whisper, "Right there! Can't you SEE THEM!?!"

No hun, I can't see anything... why don't you tell me what you see."

"I see tiny, dancing golden lights! There are right there as clear as YOU are! There are about 50 or so of them!" And I quickly looked over at her...

She, of course, gave me a look like I was crazy, and began writing something about me on her clipboard, and then suggested that I needed some pain medication! To which I told her "No way." So I looked back at the faeries and they were beginning to get dimmer and dimmer, until about 5 minutes later - and then they were gone.

It was then that I went into my final stage of labor. My heart was beating so fast, that I ended up having a seizure and almost dying. But after they leveled me out, her head was already out as it was striking Midnight (The Wytching Hour) on New Years. She was completely out by 12 seconds after Midnight; and then I had my little girl, born at midnight, on the BLUE MOON, on NEW YEARS EVE/DAY - which, now get this, won't happen again for another 2,000 years!

She was the New Years baby for the U.S.A. for that year, and we were all over the news! She had 13 birthmarks on her head - and no where else. The largest of these birthmarks was in the form of an oddly-shaped broken heart, right in the center of her forehead! And her hair was very unusual, in that there was in her dark almost black hair, a streak of white blond hair on her left side, that is still there today.

Here's a pic of my little Rowan Redberry! (2 weeks)
Here's a pic of my little Rowan Redberry! (2 weeks)

It has always been my belief that I was able to see the Faeries that night, due to the fact that New Years Eve is a "doorway time" betwixt the old year and the new, and "Midnight" is also a "doorway time" when The Veil Between The Worlds is thinnest. And the fact that it was a rare Blue Moon didn't hurt the situation either. Another consideration I had for being able to see the Fae that night, was that I was in an in-between state myself; being between life and death during a very difficult childbirth.

A year after her birth, it was quite by chance that I came across a wonderful cassette called, "Silver Apples Of The Moon - Golden Apples Of The Sun" by a band named 'Ceoltoiri' - and as I was reading the liner notes, I found the following description for a song called "Lias Laddie" (see lyrics below) - and when I read it, I got chills....

"In Celtic lore, the faerie people populated their underworld by stealing infants from mortal parents. But a child born with a lias, a particular type of birthmark, was considered safe from faerie schemes. This lullaby is the lament of a Faerie Queen for a lias child she cannot kidnap."

So I have always believed that these faeries that night were there to steal my little Rowan and leave a changeling in her place. This is why they were lingering for so long and so reluctant to leave.

And that, dear readers, is just one of my intense experiences with the Fae. There are many, many more.... but that is one of my most cherished.

'Fairies Bless the Newborn Child' by Canziani 1923
'Fairies Bless the Newborn Child' by Canziani 1923

Lias Laddie Lyrics (with translation)

Wert thou my ain jewel, (Were you my own jewel), Thy bed were not bracken, (Your bed would not be bracken) Thy cover no plaidie, (Your cover not plaid) Thy cot not a hut at the foot of Glen Trool, (Your cot not in a hut at the foot of Glen Trool) And thou not another ain's sweet lias laddie. (And you, not another's own sweet lias laddie).

List little luggie as I croon ye hooly, (Listen little ear as I croon/sing you holy) Wi' a cloud for a pillow, I'd cradle ye doon. (With a cloud for a pillow, I'd cradle you down), Wi' cannel stars blinkin', in sleep ye'd be sinkin', (With candle stars blinkin', in sleep you'd be sinkin'), While floating a-dream twixt the horns of the moon. (While floating a-dream, between the horns of the moon).

Couldst thou be my lammie, my dear lias laddie, (Could you be my lamb-y, my dear laias laddie) Thy heart would ne'er suffer the maist o' life's stoure. (Your heart would never suffer the most of life's strife), Wi' a Queen for thy mammie and a King for thy daddie, (With a Queen for your mother and a King for thy daddy), And thou Prince of Faerie to live evermore. (And you a Prince of Faerie to live evermore).

But waefu' and doolie do I whisper to ye, (But woeful and sadly do I whisper to you), For I ken'd at ye're Kimm'rin ye'd ne're be my ain, (For I knew at you're birthing you'd never be my own), Twas the lias that doomed me, (It was the lias that doomed me), My heart brak and soumed me, (My heart broke and consumed me), For the dear lias laddie and the wan chancey sain. (For the dear lias laddie and the one chance blessing.)

The "chance blessing" is the lias birthmark that protected him from the Faerie Queen.

You can purchase the album 'Silver Apples Of The Moon - Golden Apples Of The Sun' which has this song - at the link directly below:



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    • profile image

      Lisa A 

      7 years ago

      I really don't believe that the faeries had the intention of abducting your daughter- I think , actually, that your daughter may actually be an incarnated Faery- and they were celebrating her birth-- and were there at that precious moment when she would begin her human experience.

      I know folklore always blames the Fae for doing that- but I think Folklore does the Faery much injustice and blames them for alot more than is deserved.

      The Rowan tree protecting against enchantments could also mean enchantments from the Unseelie- the BAD kind of enchantments.

      I believe the Fae you saw were the Seelie ones who are interested in her higher good.

      Thanks for sharing your experience

      I've had an experience too with the Fae- they are beautiful Beings.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      That is really chilling. Super chilling.

      By you mean switch her human soul out for a fae one?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i wish to c the fae

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What an experience! I've read that people believed faeries would do that but I"ve never heard an actual story before.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am quite interested in the topic, and have read alot about faery's but I have never heard of them being seen like that; so this was quite interesting.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      My uncle, Richard Gary wrote that poem years back. Sue Richards, his close friend, put it to music as well as many other peoms he's written. It's in old Scot's dialect. Inspired by the song I've written one for my daughter Annie. I read your account and I'm so glad you understood Lias Laddie as you experienced something from long ago. I was touched that you took in the full meaning of the Lias and understood what it meant.

      Cathleen Sutherland Gary

    • healwell51 profile image


      10 years ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

      Really this is an interesting happening you have passed through! I hope that you could have develop few more things then and after!

      This is one kind of mystic experience to understand the level and layers of existence!

    • Raven Emrys profile imageAUTHOR

      Raven Emrys 

      10 years ago from Salisbury

      Hail and Well Met, Dear Karen!

      Oh yes, without a doubt, being "in tune" with the Fae certainly aided me in seeing them. Belief is a doorway for the heart and mind - it is only up to the individual if they will step through or not.

      Thank you for the excellent comment, and brightest of blessings to you!

    • Raven Emrys profile imageAUTHOR

      Raven Emrys 

      10 years ago from Salisbury

      Greetings Dearest Kitty,

      Oh my! 10 lbs 3 oz is a pretty good size! My 1st son was only 9 lbs and 13 oz. - but I feel your pain! LOL!

      The Realm of Faerie is a topic of great fascination for me as well! And what wonderful experiences you have had with the Fae! (I love your hummingbird one!) Sometime I will have to do a hub about my other experiences - some of which were actually quite terrifying.

      Thanks for the great comment!

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 

      10 years ago from Central Oregon

      Hi Raven,

      Perhaps, also, your vibration at the time was in tune with the fae and that's why you could see them. Also, belief has a lot to do with it, I think. If one is not open to the possibilities.... Lovely story.

    • Raven Emrys profile imageAUTHOR

      Raven Emrys 

      10 years ago from Salisbury

      Dear pgrundy,

      Thank you for your comment!

      As for Rowan, she has grown up to be an unusually wytchy child, and throughout the first years of her life, I was to see other orbs of light surrounding her from time to time (usually at night) - and often in varying colors.

      And she absolutely loves to hear the story of her birth and of how the Trouping Faeries came to see her birth and fairy her away on that magickal night.

      I have never inquired as to if she's ever had any *personal* experiences with Faerie, as Rowan is a very quiet and "private" child, who likes to keep things to herself. But I think I will ask her tomorrow and just see if she has.

      Another thought just hit me about the whole thing... 'Rowan' is a tree that is used to protect against enchantments...  maybe that was another deterrent! LOL!

    • profile image

      Enchanted Kitty 

      10 years ago

      This topic always fascinates me! Your tiresome labor sounds a bit like mine, 37 hours I think I had. Yours was longer. I didnt get any pain relief either. My boy ended up being 10 lbs 3oz. My experience with the fae was when I was a child and I had an out of body type experience where I hovered over them as they were glowing and dancing around a fire which came with a message of hope during a time when I was suffering. I would love to hear your other stories anytime. Another encounter was when one manifested into a hummingbird right in front of my nose looking me in the eyes hovering in my face. Then, it went of playfully. I have been exploring this realm more intense recently.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Your story gave me chills, what a tale. I know these and other beings surround us and we do not normally see them. I have no doublt about it. Now that she is grown, what does she think of this? Has she had her own experiences? Thank you so much for sharing this. It was wonderful.


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