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Fantasy Football General Lineup Tips

Updated on September 14, 2007

LaDainian Tomlinson

This isn't a specific week-to-week column with lineup advice for your fantasy football team. Instead, I'm here to give you a few general tips to help you set your lineup each Sunday and maximize your chances to win your league. The draft is only the beginining, and to really do well you should massage your lineup and make the right moves from week to week during the season. This takes patience, research and of course, luck. Here are my tips, and good luck with your season!

1. Play the matchups as much as possible--This doesn't mean you should bench LaDainian Tomlinson because he's up against he Bears or Patriots. It means that if you have two equal options at any one position, go with the one who is playing the softer defense that week.

2. Don't ignore the bye week--I'm not saying to let bye weeks rule your draft, but don't be that guy who leaves someone in their lineup the week that his team isn't playing. It's embarassing, and shouldn't happen, period. Also note that if you have one kicker or one defense on your roster, be sure to pick one up on the waiver wire the week that his/their team is on bye.

3. Keep injuries in mind--It's important to monitor injury reports throughout the week. Maybe one of your key players got hurt on Sunday and the injury is flaring up. Or maybe your player got hurt during practice. It happens all the time, so log on to your league and check up on each of your players every day or every other day if possible. If a player is questionable or worse on his team's injury report, it's best to bench him and go with another option.

4. Weather reports sometimes matter--If rain or even snow is forecasted for a game you have a stud running back going in, give some thought to a different option. Footwork and fumbling will both be problems. Again, this isn't a reason to bench your studs, but perhaps in making a decision between two equal players.

5. Know your league's rules--Every league is different scoring-wise, so be sure that you pay attention when drafting and making out your lineup. Guys like Brian Westbook and Reggie Bush are better options in leagues that award points for pass receptions.

6. Go with the hot hand--As with an actual NFL team, you can't ignore when a player gets hot and puts up mad numbers for a few straight games. Don't make this a gamble for yourself, but don't ignore it, either.

7. A good QB needs a good running game--Peyton Manning is a better QB when he's got a good running game to keep the opposing defense honest. If a RB is hot, his QB is usually enjoying increased offensive numbers.

8. Know Your Opponent--If your opponent has Tom Brady as his QB and you have Donte Stallworth as a WR, you should play Stallworth even if there is a better option, because any numbers he puts up will cancel out some of Brady's numbers.

That's about it, I hope this helps you and good luck!


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    • Morrikai profile image

      Morrikai 9 years ago from Wellesley

      well done

    • profile image

      Mark Barnes 9 years ago

      Hey Gman, great article. I've been in the same, competitive 14-team fantasy league for 18 years. I'm coming off a title year, and I use lots of your tips. Hope you'll goin my new fantasy community at