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Learning Piano Takes Too Long!

Updated on October 1, 2008

Fast Piano Lesson (Video) - Werewolves of London - 1:47

Piano Lessons Take Too Long to Learn Piano!

I've played piano since I was 5 years old, so I've gone through a few piano courses. There were a lot of exercises that they made me work on that didn't help me play songs any better! I would practice for a week or so, but never really enjoy the exercise or even knew why I was practicing it in the first place. Learning the fundamentals is great, but lets be honest, it's not the fun part. The fun comes when you get to show off your favorite song to all your friends and family! Maybe even have them sing along!

I've learned piano the hard way, at certain times in college I was practicing 8-10 hours a day. Only later to realize I was practicing the wrong things! Now after so many hours of practicing piano, I've figured out how to teach beginner students how to perform songs quickly and easily. AND I make sure that they're learning the right things! Imagine playing most of a song after one just one sitting! These lessons are no longer than 5-10 minutes, rewind the parts you need a few times and you can learn to play the song like I do in under 20 minutes!

It shouldn't take so long to learn a new song! The secret is to simplify the songs enough so that they're at your ability level. Each lesson starts off with the easiest patterns for the song and then works up from there with more complicated fills and variations. If a song takes you two weeks to be able to play, then its too challenging.

I've simplified some of these songs so that in just a few minutes, even beginners can play them while picking up some really important tricks about the fundamentals of music. Please watch the video below to quickly learn Werewolves of London! That way you can see what I'm talking about!

About the Blog

Lately, I've been putting 3 new lessons a week on my blog at The feedback people have been posting is really great! Piano players everywhere are saving so much time and learning things faster. Everyone is hooked because they get to focus on the important part of music: HAVING FUN! because there is no wasted practice on the wrong things! And better yet, its free! If you haven't already, play the video at the top for an example lesson!


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    • profile image

      jazza 3 years ago

      Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

      In this Lessons, I show you the SECRET to learning to play piano quickly and easily.

      I hope you’ve enjoyed this lesson folks, much love!

    • profile image

      zack 7 years ago

      Very nice blog, I agree it is much more enjoyable learning the piano when you can actually play a song. I learned all the basics in about a week its not to much fun when all you can play is scales.

    • profile image

      Piano 7 years ago

      Hi! Very interesting blog. Was wondering if you can post something about "When the Saints Go Marching In" ? Thanks.

    • profile image

      studying piano 7 years ago

      I added your site to my new links page. Please consider adding my site to your links as well. We have a lot in common! Found you in google..

    • profile image

      piano 8 years ago

      I'm an avid fan of elton john, could you post one his songs. I will really appreciate if you do. thanks..

    • chrismarx85 profile image

      chrismarx85 9 years ago from Seattle, Wa

      I would love to hear any feedback you have! Please post a comment with a song you would like to learn or any questions you have about piano!


      Chris Marx