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I’m 30 Years Old? How Is That Possible? Did I Fail Any Of My Goals,Or Did My Goals Just Change?

Updated on October 23, 2008

I can still remember how hard it was for me growing up, and at the idea of even reaching 16 years of age! Not only didn't I think I would make it to see 16, neither did many others. My parents hoped I would, but they weren't sure. Friends would change almost by the month, so they didn't really care back then. From the point where I was a child, to an adult; my life was just full of trauma. So being 30 years old is actually an honor for me. I haven't gotten all that I wanted out of life, but I don't think anyone ever gets everything they wanted. They get percentages, and depending on what those percentages are; then they can be enough. Some people might goto college in the hopes of being a doctor, but then find themselves with a family and a job as a nurse, and they find happiness in that. One of the big things that I have learned about life is we all should have some kinds of goals. Those goals motivate us. Even if we fail once, or twice, or 50 times; we just keep going. But life has this odd way of taking us in a different direction. So as we all start in one place, we may end up somewhere completely different. If a man wants to be CEO of a multi-billion dollar empire, but then ends up as the president of a group that helps poor children; did he really fail to reach his goal? There is a million CEO's, but only a handful of people out of the 6.7 Billion people on Earth that devote their lives to helping others. And even if someone doesn't become that powerful, everyone has the power to effect life on a grand scale. Let's say there is some person on the road heading to kill a large group of people; just because they become fed up with humans in general. On that road an accident occurs that ties up traffic for hours. And as this persons rage grows and grows, and their list of killings goes up, someone is nice enough to let the guy merge into their lane. That 1 simple act could save lives. With rage it can only take 1 kind act to stop it. I have been so angry with someone, but they said something polite and my rage stopped right there.

So as I have gotten older I have just wondered more and more where my life is going to take me. I wanted to be a famous Heavyweight Boxer, but a massive depression spell took me out of that game. Now my skills are one hundred times better and I want to go into MMA, but will I ever get the chance? Is my fate to be the champ, or to maybe train the champ? Will I meet some woman, have a child, get a job getting paid to train fighters, and that just ends up being enough for me? If it's a game of percentages then MMA and Boxing would rate extremely high on satisfaction, but there is other life's that could be equal or better. I'm 30 now and while a lot of my goals have not been met, I will still keep an open eye to Fate; because life just has it's own odd way of playing out. So while many people may never reach the goals they set as children; that doesn't mean they failed. Sometimes Quality means a lot more then Quantity.


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