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Female Libido Enhancers -- Do They Work?

Updated on July 2, 2007

Are There Really Female Libido Enhancers?

Ever since Viagra hit the market by storm in 1998, women everywhere have been asking about female libido enhancers to improve their sex drives. Why do men get to have all of the fun? Will it work for women too, or are the drug companies working on a Viagra for women? Below I'll look at some of the causes of loss of sex-drive in women as well as some of the solutions. Likewise, I'll review some of the female libido enhancers that are available on the market.

Why have I lost my sex drive?

This seems to be a common question on the online forums. Women often think it's caused by some type of hormonal changes, but there really isn't any scientific evidence backing that up yet. Instead, these changes in sexual desire often have somewhat benign causes:

  • After time, life with your partner can become routine. It's difficult to get excited about the reoutine or mundane.
  • Afther childbirth, there are psychological changes that cause you to place a higher importance on your newborn than anything else. This is an evolved and natural response and will pass with time.
  • If you both work, the stress you bring home can effect your libido. it's difficult to become arroused if you aren't relaxed.
  • Likewise, if you tired, all you want to do is sleep when you go to bed.
  • Finally, diet and exercise can also both dampen your sex-drive. If you aren't eating right or aren't getting enough exercise, you won't have enough energy for sex.

What can I do to increase my libido?

Luckily, there are some pretty simple things you can try to increase your libido:

  • Give yourself an honest assessment of the amount of sleep you're getting each night. Fatigue is the number one libido killer, and it's also the easiest to solve.
  • If you're often tired even though you get enough sleep, you might need an iron supplement. See your doctor for a simple blood test.
  • Visualise your partner the way he was when you first met and allow yourself to feel the excitement you felt back then.
  • Try to add some fresh romance to your relationship. If you used to go on more dates, get a babysitter and go do something fun together.

  • If you like to read, pick up an erotic book to exercise your mind.
  • Add some unprocessed food to your diet. Pick one meal per day to avoid processed foods altogether. Cut up some fresh fruit for a finger-food desert while the kids are away,

  • If you find that you aren't exercising enough, start waling 20-30 minutes a day. It doesn't take very much exercise to start making noticable differences.

So what about these female libido enhancers?

If your sex-drive has fallen off, I'm sorry, but Viagra probably won't work for you. It was specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction; it helps men who can't get an erection, but it has no effect on sexual desire for men or women. Although there isn't an FDA approved pill that will help with female sex drive, there are a few products that do work for most women. If you've tried one with no luck, don't give up. You probably should try another product since all of our bodies react a little differently to different things.

Perhaps the easiest to try of the female libido enhancers are the topical solutions. You don't have to take any pills, and since they work like a lubricant too, using them doesn't really spoil the moment. Here's a review of some of the top products:

HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel improves blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels enhancing sensation. You apply it directly like a lubricant allowing the active ingredients to stimulate the tissue surface.

Click here to visit

Maxoderm Connection

Maxoderm Connection is a more gentle female version of best-selling Maxoderm for Men. It is an herbal lotion that is applied externally prior to or during sex. One of the interesting benefits of Maxoderm Connection is that it can be used to enhance stimulation for both men and women.

Click here to visit Maxoderm's website.


Vigorelle is another herbal lotion that should be applied externally before or during sexual activity. It comes in a pump vial that can be a little tricky to use when the moment is right, but the increased sensations are immediate and grow with continued use.

Click here to visit



Provestra contains a unique herbal and botanical blend that gently and naturally heightens sensations and enjoyment. Because this supplement is in pill form, maximum benefit occurs after a few days of daily use (unlike the other products).

Click here to visit

Luckily, there are some very good female libido enhancers on the market, even if Viagra isn't available yet for women. Take time visiting these sites to learn more and give one or more of these enhancers a try. You might discover a youger version of you!


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    • babybrownfox profile image


      10 years ago

      hmmm...I got over fatigue all the time...

      Thanks for the info..

      Thumps up!!!!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I've tried her solution and maxoderm - they are both great products. Maxoderm costs more but with the xts, well just let me say OHH MY!!


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