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First birthday in the family

Updated on November 10, 2006

New Arrivals in the Family

It was held in a Community Center last June. A first birthday that was planned months before. The first plan was that it should be held in a restaurant but a lower price to pay the hall was irresistible so it was decided definitely to be held at the community center. Then the next step was how many people should be invited since the mother works at a dental clinic', she has buld-up a volume of friends that she won't miss to invite. At the birthday party the community hall was decorated with colorful banners and even the table clothes are stamped with the words "HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY'.At the start of the party a guy came with many gadgets, two boxes, some plastic bags and wearing a black suit . Many were wondering who was this man. It was announced that the buffet dinner is served so the long line of party goers walk down to the table lined with large rectangular party platters filled with the popular recipes of Oriental food. Sweet barbecued chicken, lemon spicy salmon(oven-cooked), the oriental noodles gently cooked to obtain the right flavour ,tasting the mouth watering light thickening starchy soup and gobble the cut pieces of shrimps and small bits of meat and sliced vegetables. Oriental people served the whole piece of steamed shrimps sipping the juicy head. After a sumptous dinner the guests were led to take their dessert. By the way the food was not catered. Some were homecook and some were ordered, you could tell it by the variety of rice cakes being served while the three layered cake was ordered. When the dinner was almost done the children were ask to go to the front and the man in black suit stood to show his antics. He was a magician and showed his magic tricks. Everybody clapped. He ask the children if they wanted to become rich. Of course the children said "yes". The "magician" ask to the audience if he could borrow "paper money" in denomination of $20,$50 or$100. Somebody lent a $100 bill. Waving the bill to the children he ask them if he could multiply the single bill into thousands of bills. Of course, the children said "yes" again. The magician ask that someone may come forward to find where the reward would be showing the two boxes. The mystery reward was to be picked between the two boxes and it came to be the box picked by the boy who came forward contained a piece of lemon. So the reward was a LEMON! There was a sort of SUSPENSE! The promise was to multiply the money into thousands of dollars? Why now a piece of lemon? "Wait" said the magician "It's not finish yet. Check what is inside the lemon." The boy opened the lemon and THERE THE FOLDED $100 CAME OUT. The audience clapped their hands .The birthday celebrant was a grandson. The grandmother was there. The mother came forward carrying the baby to blow his 1st birthday candle. Photos were taken with the family. And the birthday cake was cut and put into small plates and distributed to the guests. Slowly people were leaving , picking up some left-over food at the table because most Orientals prepare food not only for the party but take home packs are included for members of the family of the invited guests who were not able to attend can taste what is served in the party. The next first birthday party will be planned for April of next year for another grand daughter.


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