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Fleas on my chihuahua

Updated on April 24, 2008

First treat the dog

Many dogs are allergic to flea bite. Like a mosquito bite for humans that can become a large, red, itchy bump, a flea single bite can cause your chihuahua to scratch until their skin becomes raw. To kill any flea that lands on your chihuahua before it has a chance to bite, use Frontline once a month. Apply it to the back of the neck near the base of the skull, where the dog has no way to lick it even if he turns his head. Carefully part the fur and apply it to the skin. Even though you only apply it to one place, the medication will naturally spread over the skin, attach to the hair roots and kill any flea that comes into contact with it.

Attack the whole life cycle

When you see one flea on your chihuahua, it's possible that it's just one flea. However if you see more than 3 or 4, then chances are they are in your house and yard, too. Adult fleas feast on your chihuahua, then drop off to lay egges on the grass, carpet or your couch. The eggs hatch and the new fleas then jump on your chihuahua again, and so on and so on. You cannot just kill the fleas you see on your dog without attacking their entire life cycle.

Treat your carpet with Fleabuster's Rx for Fleas Plus powder

  • A very effective form of boric acid that dehydrates and kills larvae as they wiggle past by.
  • You brush the powder into the carpet with a broom.
  • One treatment lasts a year, during which time you can vacuume but not shampoo. Many people report that they see results longer than the guaranteed year.

  • Fleabusters can also apply the powder for you, with a guarantee to retreat if necessary.
  • 1-800-6NO-FLEA

Treat your yard with IGR yard spray.

  • IGR stands for Inset Growth Regulator. Get one specific for fleas such as Torus, Precor or Archer.
  • IGR is an insect hormone (fenoxycarb) that prevents flea larva from maturing. They do not kill adult fleas, just prevents them from reproducing.
  • Results are not immediate but very effective in the long term. As the adult fleas die, there will be no new fleas to replace them.

  • Harmless to pets and humans and one treatment lasts up to a year.

Use nematodes (a tiny worm) that feed exclusively on flea larvae.

  • A natural solution for flea control.

  • Brand names include Bio Flea Halt, Interrupt, and ANTidote (works on ants and fleas)
  • Contains nematodes that eat flea larvae
  • You can buy them as pellets, mix them with water, and spray the shaded areas of your yard.
  • They are harmless to plants and other yard insects and creatures.

Ward off fleas by improving your chihuahua's coat and skin and immune system with Brewer's yeast and garlic. Comes in powders or tablets. You can also use 1/2 clove of garlic.

Use a flea comb daily until problem goes away.

  • Effective - works for me 100% of the time

  • Safe
  • Dunk the fleas in soapy water to drown them

See a video of a chihuahua infested with fleas


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