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For God's Sake, Let's Let The Children Have Halloween, Shall We?

Updated on October 24, 2007

Why is Halloween so scary these days?

Back in my day as a kid the only thing you had to worry about when it came to Halloween was figuring out what you were going to dress up like, being in by the time your parents told you that you needed to be in and for God sake, what ever you did, don't eat apples (possible razors in them) or popcorn balls that were made from a house from someone you didn't know. What started out as a simple fun little holiday has now become scarier than its original intent ever was supposed to be. They're trying to kill this holiday and I for one (though not one of the million or zillion adults who love dressing up for Halloween) think it's a shame for the kids. So for God sake, let's let the children have Halloween, shall we? ! - Don't Get Me Started!

Last week when I was in LA I was listening to a morning radio show and they were talking about how several schools there had changed the day normally given to Halloween parties at the school to "Character Day." I'm assuming this is due to the politically correctness squad who still think that those people who celebrate Halloween are really just using the holiday as an excuse to worship the devil in public. Wrong! People are using this as an excuse to dress up like a devil in public - two very different things. But I'm sure they found a doctor somewhere to say that dressing up like vampires and Bratz dolls will ruin a child's psyche so once again, schools have jumped right in to solve the wrong problem. One woman called in to say that her child's school doesn't even allow any dressing up, they celebrate what they call "Crazy Hair Day" - which by the way, allows children to do crazy things to their hair but does not allow them to wear wigs to create their crazy hair looks. Something the caller lamented about as her daughter has short hair and really how crazy can you make that? My suggestion would be to just put a lot of eyeliner on her daughter and do the Liza Minnelli cause as much as we all love her, we know there's some real crazy there, right?

But it goes beyond the schools. A pal of mine is throwing a party for her daughter's school friends and she was stumped for party games. I suggested going back to the classics and as I got the words "bobbing for apples" out of my mouth there was almost a ghastly shriek on the other end of the phone. "Scott, I can't do that. Do you know how many germs get passed around by kids? This is one of the least sanitary things you can do. I can't do that at the party, it would be irresponsible." I shut my mouth and just listened for the rest of the conversation. Come on, you can probably get more germs from touching anything anywhere these days so why stress over a few germs from some good old fashioned apple bobbing?

I just frankly can take precious little more. Halloween is a holiday that I think is something like number three in the money it makes for cobwebs, costumes and creepy accessories (Christmas being number one and Easter being number two) and for good reason. I don't know about you but I go to work every day, I'm on my Blackberry, cell phone constantly and therefore, basically am working twenty-four seven as so many people are in this day and age. I could use a little break, a little fantasy in my life. Even if the only way that I can get it is by dressing up like a character that existed before all the electronic trappings of today were invented so I have an excuse to not have to have any of them on me that day.

Truth be told, I don't dress up, don't do anything really for Halloween and that's really okay with me. (Though this year I was all excited about plans to go to my LA gay pals Halloween party in Palm Springs - didn't work out due to scheduling but see the fabulous invite on my Gay, Gay, Gayer Than Gay page at the bottom of the page... ) So it's not for me that I beg the world at large to be a little less uptight about Halloween. It's not for the adults who still dress up or the queens who dress up queens. No, it's for the children. Can't we let our little monsters dress up like little monsters and have one day where they don't have to worry about being the prettiest, having the most expensive shoes or being popular as the character they want to dress up like? I'm going to go out on a limb here and just say that I don't think it will hurt any of them to walk around looking as if their head has a gash in it or looking like Minnie Mouse. So for God sake, let's let the children have Halloween, shall we? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Misha profile image

      Misha 10 years ago from DC Area

      How true!