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Freezer Jam

Updated on October 14, 2008

What is Freezer Jam?

There is nothing tastier than homemade jam. For many people the process of making their own jam ends up to be too much work and the results are sometimes not the greatest. Perhaps the end result resembles liquid more than jam which can be quite upsetting after the amount of time that can be invested into the process. Luckily there is a solution that is considerably easier than making traditional jam called freezer jam.

Freezer jam is predominantly found in areas like the United States. It is much easier than making traditional jam and it takes a lot less time to prepare as well which has helped to fuel its growing popularity. This delicious type of jam is also known for its remarkable fresh taste.

The Process of Making Freezer Jam

In order to make freezer jam a nice collection of fruit will need to be gathered. Only pick fruit that is ripe and ready to eat as the end result will mirror the taste of the fruit. It will be necessary to mash the fruit as well.

A product called pectin which is used to thicken your jam will need to be boiled in water so that it dissolves.

A decent amount of sugar will be combined with the mashed fruit and then the boiled pectin solution will be mixed in. Once the ingredients have been properly mixed, you will want to fill up your storage containers with the jam.

How To Store Freezer Jam

It should be no surprised that this type of jam is stored in a freezer. It will be important that whatever containers you use to pack the jam into are freezer safe. You can keep your jam stored in the freezer for up to a year before use.


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