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Gaining Weight to Look Great

Updated on October 30, 2008

Great weight


Gaining Weight to Look Great

Gaining weight is not always easy to do. What you want to avoid at all cost is putting on fat. It is far healthier to be skinny than to carry unnecessary fat.

You women want to know how to gain muscle that won't make them look too Butch.

First look at where you can hide a few pounds that will make you look more attractive.

Start with exercising the muscles in your upper chest area. This will make you breast appear larger. Use simple crunches with the arms pulling weights from outstretched arms to center. Pushups are another good exercise.

The abdominal area is the next stop simple sit-ups work here. You can usually double the muscle mass in your abdomen and keep that flat tummy look that drives men wild.

The Buttocks is next, again, you can double the muscle mass here and will have a better shaped ass also more attractive.

The legs are next but here you want to stay with exercises that create long slender muscles so no knee bend type crunches Yoga is the way to go here along with a lot of walking. When you walk you don't want to sander along; you need to stride!

Long powerful purposeful steps; if you walk for more than 20 minutes and are not really sweating you are not putting enough into it. It helps to add some lunges here so every 100 steps do about 10 lunges.

Yoga balance poses are another great way to work the legs and I suggest Yoga to stretch all of your body and stay limber. Once more if you do Yoga for more than 20 minutes and are not really sweating you need to put more into it.

I hope this helps answer the posting.

Good Luck



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