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Gali Girls - Jewish Dolls For Jewish Girls

Updated on September 28, 2007

Jewish dolls for Jewish Girls...REALLY!

For those of you who read my regular hub posts you're shaking your head right now wondering why I'm writing a hub about dolls for Jewish girls, right? Well, read on...

When my niece was born, my mother purchased a Gali Girl doll for her (yes, these are real and you can buy them too). Touted as "Jewish dolls for Jewish girls" think the American Girl brand of doll's Jewish friend. They have clothes, books and come with a magen-david bracelet, a 12 piece Shabbat kit and a Hebrew and English birth certificate.

The Gali Girls are certainly NOT Bratz or even the trampy My Scene Barbie, no, they are good girls! The Gali Girls represent Jewish values such as modesty, kindness, respect and a whole lot more. (Which in this day and age we need desperately, right?)

And still you're asking yourself why I'm writing about them, yes?

Well, the reason I'm writing a hub about these dolls now is because my mother forwarded me the link to the Gali Girls website to see the Gali Girls cartoon video and I was literally laughing out loud! I'm Jewish and I just have to say that one of the best parts of Judaism is that we have a great sense of humor.

So whether you're Jewish or not, take a couple minutes out to watch the video and if you know of any Jewish girls out there get them a Gali Girl because although they may not be the prettiest of dolls out there, they have good values and know how to make dinner reservations and a great brisket for holidays!

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    • profile image

      ejf 9 years ago

      What a great video, I love to see people take pride in what they believe. I just hubbed about orthodox jewish conversion and some of the basic beliefs of judiasm. Let me know what you think.

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 10 years ago

      I want one!