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Garage Door Clicker

Updated on August 16, 2008

Garage Door Clicker

Universal Garage Door Clicker remote will make your life easier“

If you are an home owner, you most likely have a garage. Garage are perfect to keep you car in perfect condition and also for storing whole bunch of other stuff :).

More and more common you see that some familys own two, three or even more cars. So that for they have multiple garage doors. Every garage door needs opener and every opener needs remote control. There for you usually also have multiple garage door remotes. The easiest solution for this is to have garage door opener remote with multiple buttons. That gives you possibility to control multiple doors with just one remote control.

But what happens if you don't have openers from the same brand? For some time now, the only solution was that you use multiple remotes at the same time. And that was very enoing. You know how annoying is to have two or three remote controls hanging from your car visor.

Garage door opener manufacturer Chamberlain came out with perfect solution for that problem. They made a Garage Door Clicker. Garage Door Clicker is universal garage door remote that works with all mayor brand in market today.

They first model Garage Door Clicker #CLT1D worked with almost all garage door openers, except Genie Intellicode or Stanley SecureCode systems.

There newer model Garage Door Clicker #KLIK1U works with Genie Intellicode and Stanley SecureCode system. They also work with all (in my experience) other rolling and non rolling code openers.

Of course you can use it to open gates or gates in combination with garage doors.

This garage door remote comes with 9V battery, visor clip and one year warranty. Remote have “smart learn“ button for easier programing. This remote control is also “eco“ friendly, because his design uses less plastic.

For those who would also like to have universal wireless keypad , Chamberlain made universal Garage Door Clicker Keypad #KLIK2U. Just like remote control, this keypad can open door or gate opener from different brands. Your own personal four digit code is used to open the door or gate that you want. Keypad is perfect solution for those who are working around the house a lot and don't want to carry remote control with them all the time. For security reasons you can change your four digit code anytime you want. I wouldn't recommend that you use any birthday or anniversary number from any member of your family. This are most likely numbers that burglar would try.

I hope this are useful informations about universal Garage Door Clicker and Keypad. I use them personally and I would recommend them to others too.


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