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General Peter Pace Out

Updated on June 11, 2007

Peter Pace Is Out...Of His Job, That Is - Don't Get Me Started!

After the recent comment by the chairman of the Chief Joints Of Staff, General Peter Pace (regarding homosexuality being immoral) you would think that we gays would be throwing a parade over his leaving his post (let's face it, on the whole, we'll throw a parade about anything). However, a closer examination will show you that this is just another illusion created by our faves in the White House to save their own ass being probed! Peter Pace is out...of his job, that is - Don't Get Me Started!

You see, the real reason that General Pace is out on his ass has nothing to do with his comments about us gays or the fact that the war (that he's basically in charge of) is going so poorly. No, the reason that he is out is because apparently when you go up for another two year term you have to go in front of a congressional committee and the powers that be were scared that the questions the committee would ask Pace would be too damaging. Of course that's not what they're saying. They're saying that the questions would focus too much on the past and that we have to move on if we're going to get this war thing settled, etc. We can't spend time looking at the past when our future is at stake.

Okay, let's face it, this is the dumbest idea someone with a marketing degree from a two year college ever came up with for the Republicans. Do they really expect us to believe this? I'll admit that we all have short attention spans (right now as I'm writing this I'm thinking about this, my job, my life and something shiny all at the same time) but God love us, some of us haven't quite gotten to the point where we get fucked up the ass and don't remember it. (I know, speak for myself, right?)

The thing about General Pace is that to be honest, until he was asked about, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and made his homosexuals are immoral crack, I didn't know anything about the guy. And to hear that a military leader thinks us gays are immoral well frankly it didn't surprise or shock me. It was another one of those, "Oh God, here we go again moments." But here's the deal, he's not being "put down" like a puppy who was born with his heart outside his chest, no, he's being put down because they don't want to face the scrutiny that's bound to come up against this guy so the only thing on his chest is going to be some medals, a new post and I'm sure no doubt a book deal.

What we should be focused on is why they don't want to talk about all the bloopers and blunders that have been this war. At this point there's plenty for them to do a two hour show hosted by Dick Clark about the goofy stupidity that has been this war. (Hey, there's an idea; and we could get the soldiers who are now making videos on YouTube to send in their classic blooper moments from the front - have you ever heard anything so ridiculous as the whole videos from the front idea? - Another blog for another day - Come on; are we fighting a war or is Bravo doing Project Camouflage in Iraq?) And when they say that they don't want to focus on the past frankly, it just makes all us Jews (and should everyone else) a little more than a little nervous. You see, that's one of the big mantras that came out of the whole Holocaust deal, "Never Again" - if we do not learn from our past, we're doomed to repeat it.

In my humble opinion, we should be talking a lot about our past and our failings when it comes to the war and everything else this government has done. You know, just in case we may want to learn something from our past mistakes. Don't worry, I'm not going to grow a beard, go live in a small hut on a farm in Iowa and send hate through the Internet. (I'll leave that to the professionals like the KKK, other hate mongers and General Pace) But you have to wonder why our government is the most dysfunctional family (though all they preach continuously about are their so-called, "family values") in the world? Instead of discussing a problem, they prefer to defer, sulk and just not say anything. And we all know that this is the perfect way to solve your problems with someone, the silent treatment and then eventually (hopefully) everyone gets over what they were mad about and moves on. You know, like a friend of mine always talks about the way her family settles something, "I showed him, I was so mad at him but I just didn't say anything to him!"

Maybe we need to send the government into the Dr. Phil house to understand why General Pace has so much pent up rage over us gays, why Bush can never admit he's wrong and why none of us felt bad when Jerry Falwell died. Or we can continue to make the same mistakes and act surprised that we've made them all over again, allowing Pace and the others to do a take into the camera with their hands up in the air, with an adorable, "Got Me?" look on their face.

I'm glad that Pace is leaving but let's face it kids he ain't the problem here, is he? We all know where the real problem is and the only thing we have against Pace is that he let his inside voice do the talking when his lips were moving. I don't care that General Pace thinks that my lifestyle is immoral because I find what he's been doing to assist the "powers that be" to keep this war running immoral too. So we're even, the only difference is that he'll be on Larry King and I'll continue to only have readers that go searching on Google for Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton stumble upon my blog! Peter Pace is out...of his job, that is - Don't Get Me Started!

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