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Get $15 dollars off of the Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Updated on January 6, 2009

Simple Mail-in Rebate

My teeth are very important to me.  After living abroad for too long I'm left with 2 sets of circumstances - a) my teeth are not as clean as they should be, and b) my electric toothbrushes have different plugs and can't fit into the US outlet.

Therefore, I did a little bargain hunting and looked through the Sunday paper for coupons and clearance sales.  I found nothing that really stood out.   Then, by accident and through google ads I found a $15 mail in rebate with Oral B.  

The main page of Oral B discounts: (must be postmarked by Jan. 14th)

I purchased the Oral B Pulsonic : 

The Pulsonic is truly amazing.  I didn't like it at the beginning due to the ridiculous vibrations of the brush and the fact that the bristles do NOT turn. Instead the brush vibrates in a way sending sonic waves into your teeth and gums breaking away tartar build up and other hard to reach residue usually glued to the teeth.  Not to sound too cliche and too commercial, but after brushing my teeth with the Pulsonic I honestly feel like I do upon leaving the dental hygienist.  My teeth feel the most clean they've ever been.  I've had the electric toothbrush with revolving bristles which worked fine.  However, this new pulsonic electric toothbrush is hands down the BEST tool for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy. 

Last, but not least, getting your $15 mail-in rebate is extremely easy.  You need only 2 items in your envelope:

  1. The completed certificate (which you print off the site I mentioned above)
  2. The original proof of purchase (UPC symbol) from the package

*No receipt is needed.  I called to make sure I didn't need to include my receipt from Walmart. I should be getting 15 bucks in the mail in 6 weeks.  I hope you do the same and enjoy great, healthy teeth!


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