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Get Paid To Drive Your Car with Advertising

Updated on December 28, 2008

There is a family in my neighborhood that, at first glance, appears to drive some outlandish cars. Take a closer look though, and they are driving cars that have advertising all over them. Typically called "wraps", the ads on each car advertises a company or product and they are getting paid a pretty good chunk of change to drive their cars. So how can you make money by driving your car?

First of all you need to drive a certain number of miles each month, typically 1000 or more. That automatically eliminates my husband and me, as we drive less than half of that each month. Secondly, you need to drive popular routes. If you drive back roads to work each day, then you probably won't qualify. If you are driving on major highways to and from work, or at least frequently, then you could qualify.

Based on the websites I found while determining if we could qualify, it seems you can make $400 or so each month, by allowing a company to put advertising on your vehicle. It doesn't have to cover the entire vehicle, although many do. The larger your vehicle the more you will be paid. The car ads are either magnetic or vinyl and the sites I found say they won't damage your car.   From what I could tell there is also a three month trial period, but it was unclear to me if either party could cancel after three months or if just the company could.  Something you need to look into before agreeing to do this.

There are a couple of drawbacks in getting paid to drive your car that you need to be aware of. First of all, the ads I have seen by me and the ones I found online are very loud and sometimes obnoxious. You will certainly get a lot of attention driving a car with green flames on it. Are you OK with having people stare at your car all the time? The other drawback I found is that depending on the company, you might be required to make appearances around town. I can't imagine this happening often, but it is something you need to find out about before agreeing to have the ad placed on your car.

Using your car to advertise for companies can be a great way to make some money or to cover your car payment. If you need cash or are having trouble making your monthly car payment, then I would recommend this as an option for you. I wish we qualified, as my husband would do it in a heartbeat.


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    • profile image

      jason and danny buisness partners 5 years ago

      how do u get started in the advertising business on here

    • profile image

      Novak  8 years ago

      For $400 a month, if you are already driving a lot to work in back, at least you can make up for gas and maintenance this way. Who cares if people are staring at your car? So long as you are not advertising something embarrassing, you're getting paid - that is all that counts!

    • profile image

      Howard 9 years ago

      Jennifer,This sounds pretty cool as long as the signs would be removable on the car,truck or van.

    • Matt Harless profile image

      Matt Harless 9 years ago from Indiana

      Sign me up this sounds like a good idea!

    • Jennifer profile image

      Jennifer 9 years ago

      Steve thanks for the additional info, that will really help people.

    • profile image

      SteveAngeles 9 years ago

      I believe they also reimburse gas, and some recruiters say they're buying your lifestyle, i.e. if a company wants to reach out to let's say the Asian or Latino community, they will find someone to fill that roll and serve as an ambassador to whatever product your ride is pimping. I've been wanting to do a story on it, being a recession, I wanted to explore the pros and cons of selling ad space on your car. I got to talk to one of the main companies that do this. I just found out this kind of work is actually seasonal and campaigns start around March, when companies begin setting their advertising budgets.

    • LouiseKnittel profile image

      LouiseKnittel 9 years ago from Ohio

      Great hub! I am even more interested now then ever before! Do you have a link that you can add to this Hub as to where to apply??

    • webmehul profile image

      webmehul 9 years ago

      Yeah it can get us some penny but not comfortable with that kind of way

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 9 years ago from USA

      Very interesting Jennifer. I don't think I'd be comfortable doing it, but it does explain some of the cars I've seen out there.