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Get Ready For A Wedding

Updated on April 27, 2008

What To Prepare First

When you and your partner decide to tie the knot, this is just the beginning of stressful but happy days. There are many things that you need to prepare and the ease of the preparations lie on how long you have before the wedding and how clear are your plans to you. The first thing to do is to ask the local government what you need to file or do to get a marriage license.

Make a List

The first thing to do after deciding to get married is to make a list. This is a wedding checklist that will show you the progress you have made towards your big day. It is best to keep this list with you so you can jot down any thought that comes to mind anywhere you are. The list should be broken down in to several areas, the rehearsal, the church, the reception and miscellaneous.

You also need to establish the budget of the wedding. This budget should include all the expenses that you foresee for your wedding as well as the necessary payments you need to make at the church and at the local government offices.

Reservations and Bookings

Reservations for the church and the reception should be among the first that you need to do after you have filed your intention to get married with the local government.You need to decide the day of your wedding to be able to book the church and reception. Choice dates are Fridays and Saturdays which is why you need to to decide earlier to be able to get the venues.

The Wedding Dress

The bride's dress is another thing that needs to be prepared a long time before the said date. If the bride is buying the dress off the rack, this should be no problem but a trial fit of the dress should be done to see how you like the fit. A few months before the wedding is a good time to have alterations done to the wedding dress. Whereas, if the bride is having her wedding dress done by a designer, she needs to contact the designer as early as possible and make a booking for designs and measurements.

The other bridal dresses and clothing for the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids and other members of the entourage will also need to be taken care of at this time. Accessories can follow a couple of months before the wedding and are not exactly a top priority.

Choosing The Entourage

This is one thing that needs to be decided early on so as to be able to fit the dresses well and to be able to clear the schedule of the intended members for the period of the wedding.

A wedding can be a big event or a small one, dependig ont he whims of the couple and their financial capacity. The preparations need to be done well before the alloted day for the peace of mind of the couple.


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