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How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Updated on October 18, 2007

Look at my Love Handles !

How do I get rid of these Love handles?
How do I get rid of these Love handles?

How to Get rid Of Love Handles

Get Rid of Those Love Handles

Recently my wife bought me a new pair of Jeans to replace an old pair that I had worn for years. As I tried to fasten them they felt a little on the Tight side so I checked the size, sure enough they were my usual 34 waist, but for some reason they did not fell just right. Not a startling discovery You may say, but what I hadnt really noticed before was the onset of that dreaded "middle aged spread".

So what are Love Handles ?

Love handles are more common in men than women, as the midsection is one of the first regions where fat is stored in the male body. (Women tend to accumulate fat around the hips and thighs). Love handles generally become more pronounced as a person ages and approaches middle agedue to a lower activity level.

Both men and women tend to be image-conscious regarding love handles, sometimes leading to a negative body image. While many products are marketed for eliminating love handles, it is generally agreed that spot reduction is impossible, and that the best way to reduce them is to lose fat by being more active (through activities such as cardiovascular exercise and wieght traing and consuming fewer calories

Love handles are also colloquially called a spare tire due to the enlarged tire like shape around the midsection.


Yes the dreaded Love Handles had finally made their Presence obvious.

So I decided to do some research on exactly "how to get rid of those Love Handles"

My first reaction was to go out do some exercise and eat a little less, but then I got to thinking, well I don,t really over eat, and i do already get a fair amount of exercise each day, so there has to be another way without torturing myself in the process.

All I really wanted was to Picture myself in slim fitting jeans and shirts that looked great.

Just Walkin' down the streets ‘lookin good'.

Yea I thought, People will notice the slimmer, brighter you. Your healthier heart and lowered blood pressure will get two thumbs up from the Doc'. Your new energy will put a skip in your step.

Remove Those Love Handles

So how can you achieve all of this ? well I read a few Books, and did a bit more research.

I suppose we can all make time during the day to do a little exercise and maybe park your car further awat from the door of the Office or shopping mall, and even during the day should all make the effort to move around the office and maybe walk up the staircase instead of using the elevator.

And oh dear what about all of those little snacks and treats. do we really need them.

But the truth of the matter is that we still need to learn how to take the "right exercise, and eat the right foods.

There are only a few simple methods that will enable you to lose those love handles with the minimum amount of effort. Yes it still requires some work on your part, and you must be willing to make certain sacrifices to acheive your goals.

So good luck with your own research and, dont forget, You must stay focused and concentrate your efforts on the task in hand, and that is !! Yes you got it ..

How to Lose those Love Handles

A short true Original story

By Geoff Lord


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    • profile image

      Mark CM 6 years ago

      What happened to the "How" bit? Useless.

    • profile image

      Newsletters 9 years ago

      More like the dreaded Beer belly or "one pack abs". Great advice though.

    • personaltrainer profile image

      personaltrainer 10 years ago from Beverly Hills

      You are really keying in on a major problem area for men. Your solution will be welcomed by many men from across the world. Good luck!

    • termspec profile image

      Geoff Lord 10 years ago from Rossendale

      Here is a link to my technorati site

      <a href="" rel="me">Technorati Profile</a>

    • profile image

      tullia Law 10 years ago

    • profile image

      Lloyd 10 years ago

      As a trader on the FOREX, I spend an age on my backside doing very little. Not sure you could call my handles "Love Handles" more like Handlebars..

      I would also like to have a pair of size 34" trousers fit me.

      So I will give this a go and see how well I do. Maybe I will end up with the body I dream of?