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Getting Intouch With Your True Self

Updated on May 16, 2008

Accessing Mind, Body and Spirit to become a Truer You

The life of a teenager is often filled with mixed emotions. We're told that when we become adults clarity to life and what we must do would unfold. However for some life continues and we persist, yet the reasons we are who we are and what we really want to take from our lives haven't pierced the fog. The most upsetting part is that we are aware that everyday of life spend in the vapor steals a part of the reason why we were born.

Several steps can be taken to recapture or encapsulate meaning in our lives. Time well spend can transcend hours in a day and expand the concept of the here and now. All it takes is to get a hold of each part of what is uniquely called human.

First, take note of all the things you enjoyed doing in your life from a little child on up to your present age. Categorize everything into themes, for example, art, music, service, etc. (Don't leave out how these experiences and activities made you feel, be specific because this will help you connect them to things that you want to experience and do now). This step is the Body part of you.

Next, note what you have always wanted to do included things like rock climbing and things you thought you could never do because it was physically impossible. This step is the Mind

Finally, consider what you have always admired about yourself and others (take special care to consider how you felt connected to that person/s in your admiration of others) This step is the Spirit

Take quite a bit of time putting together the relationship between the three. They should naturally jump out at you. However if they don't ask a friend or relative to help you in making your connections. Once you have finished, look at areas in which you can apply the whole you, some obvious ones maybe career and vocation change but don't be afraid to take on the less tangible ones like taking time out to listen to the world around you.

After you have begun you will notice that you have grown and are starting to see the area around the mist and yourself more clearly.


Your friendly universal,



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