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A Good Cleanser for Back Acne

Updated on July 1, 2007
Don't let back acne choose your wardrobe for you!
Don't let back acne choose your wardrobe for you!

A Good Cleanser for Back Acne

Are you looking for a good cleanser for back acne?

Back acne can be caused by many factors including polution, hormonal changes, medication including birth control pills, menopause, genetic factors, and a stressful lifestyle. Because of these factors, especially hormonal changes brought about by menopause, women are very likely to get acne on various parts of their bodies including facial acne, back acne, buttocks acne, and chest acne. The above factors help explain why as many as 14% more women than men suffer from acne.

Adult Acne is a Growing Problem

Acne was once known to be the mark of adolescence. This image has slowly changed with today's rapidly evolving lifestyle. Studies show that approximately fifty-four percent of females are suffering from some form of acne. This may include acne forms like pimples, blackheads and epidermal cysts. Teens tend to get acne because of genetic factors that leave them prone to this condition. However, in adults, acne often comes from not only genetic factors, but also from urban pollution, hormonal changes, stressful lifestyle, and various preparations and medications such as birth control pills. Since hormonal changes, like those brought about by menopause, are more drastic in women then men, women are also more prone to acne than are men. These same studies show that only forty percent of adult men suffer from acne.

What Causes Acne?

Acne typically starts with the shedding of epidermal cells (skin cells). If your skin isn't properly cleansed, shed epidermis cells and flakes canclog up the skin's pores. Meanwhile, oil produced by the oil glands in the skin is normally released through these pores. Since the pores are clogged, the oil builds up under the skin and blockage creating an environment prime for bacteria growth and acne.

How Can You Control Back Acne?

One form of acne common in women and men as they get older is back acne. People usually suffer from acne on the face due to the its increased exposure to pollution and other outside acne-inducing factors. However, people's backs and bodies may also become infected with acne when internal factors like hormonal changes and medication are amplified bt synthetic clothing trapping the body's perspiration. One way to avoid this is to wear breathable fabrics, like cotton, to assist with the evaporation of perspiration.

If clothing changes aren't enough, another very good method of controlling acne on the back and body is a good cleansing wash. The #1 rated body cleansing system is ClearPores; this system includes a very good cleanser for back acne. When used once each morning and night, ClearPores body wash will prevent the breakout of back and body acne. To get the maximum benefit, you should make a daily regimen of the ClearPores body wash accompanied by the ClearPores lotion used twice each week and the ClearPores Pills to be taken for internal control of blemishes.

If you are serious about clearing your back and body acne, try ClearPores and take control of the health of your skin.

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