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Greatest Braves Sluggers of All-Time

Updated on July 15, 2008

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron 715 Tribute

Eddie Matthews

Dale Murphy


The Braves called two other cities home before landing in Atlanta in the ‘60's, Boston and Milwaukee. And the franchise has always been known for some famous sluggers like Henry Aaron and Dale Murphy and Eddie Matthews. Here is a look at the all-time Top 10 for the Braves in home runs:

Henry "Hank" Aaron (733)-Hank Aaron is one of baseball's most beloved sluggers. In 1974, Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run mark of 714, and went on to hit 755 for his career, 733 of those with the Braves in both Milwaukee and Atlanta (1954-1974).

Amazingly, Aaron was in the Top 10 of the MVP voting thirteen straight seasons. Aaron hit a career best 47 homers in 1971, and his best season was his MVP year of 1957, when he hit .322 with 44 home runs and 132 runs batted in. Still, what might be most remarkable is that Aaron played for 23 years, and averaged 37 homers per season.

Eddie Matthews (493)-Infielder Eddie Matthews played most of his career with the Braves-in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta, from 1952 to 1966. Especially early in his career, Matthews was always around the 40-homer, 100-RBI mark, but his best season was his second, 1953. That year, Matthews hit .302 with 47 homers and 135 RBI. In all, Matthews hit 493 home runs in a Braves uniform.

Chipper Jones (404)-Third baseman Chipper Jones is in his fifteenth season in 2008, all with the Braves. Jones was the poster boy for all of those division winners between 1993 and 2005, and for the team that reached the World Series numerous times, only winning once (1995 vs. Cleveland). Jones has hit 404 career homers and probably has 500 in him if he stays healthy. His best season was the MVP season of 1999, when Jones hit .319 with 45 homers and 110 RBI.

Dale Murphy (371)-Outfielder Dale Murphy was the game's best slugger for a few seasons in the early ‘80's, even though the Braves weren't too hot of a team. Murphy won the NL MVP twice, in 1982 and 1983 and ranks fourth all-time for the Braves' franchise with 371 home runs. Murphy's best overall season was 1987, when he hit a career high 44 homers with 105 RBI and .295 batting average.

Andruw Jones (368)-Along with Chipper, the Jones tandem was a power fixture in Atlanta for several seasons (1996 to 2007). Andruw ranks fifth all-time with 368 dingers in a Braves' uniform. His best overall season was 2005, when Jones hit .263 with 51 home runs and 128 runs batted in. He's currently with the Los Angeles Dodgers and his power numbers have declined substantially.

Joe Adcock (239)-First baseman Joe Adcock played for the Milwaukee Braves from 1953 to 1962, and in the majors for a total of 17 seasons. Adcock ranks sixth in Braves' history with 239 homers. His best season with the team was 1956, when he hit .291 with 38 homers (career best) and 103 RBI.

Bob Horner (215)-Third baseman Bob Horner only played for ten MLB seasons, nine with the Braves, from 1978 to 1986. When he and Dale Murphy were in the same lineup, they were a nightmare to opposing pitchers. Horner hit 215 career homers with Atlanta, and his best power season was 1980 when he batted .268 with 35 homers and 89 RBI.

Javy Lopez (214)-Javy Lopez was the catcher on those great Braves teams of the ‘90's and early ‘00's. And Lopez was a really great hitter for a catcher, averaging 28 home runs and 93 runs batted in for his career. His best season with the Braves was 2003, when Lopez had career highs in batting average (.328), homers (43) and RBI (109).

He went on to play for Baltimore and Boston before retiring in 2006.

Wally Berger (199)-Outfielder Wally Berger played for the Braves when they were based in Boston, from 1930 to 1937. He has 199 career homers with the team, and his best season was his rookie year of 1930, when he batted .310 with 38 homers and 119 RBI.

Del Crandall (170)-Catcher Del Crandall played for the Braves in both Boston and Milwaukee, from 1949 to 1963. Crandall always put up good numbers for a catcher, but never hit more than 26 homers in a single season. That was in 1955 with Milwaukee, when Crandall hit .236 with the 26 long balls and 62 runs batted in.


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