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Greatest Diamondbacks Sluggers of All-Time

Updated on August 1, 2008

Luis Gonzalez

Steve Finley

Matt Williams

D-backs World Series Tribute Video


The Diamondbacks have only been a major league franchise since 1998, but already have a World Series title (2001) and always seem to be in contention. Not surprisingly then, the D-backs have had some great hitters. Here is a list of the franchise's Top 10 in home runs to date:

Luis Gonzalez (224)-Journeyman outfielder Luis Gonzalez signed with Arizona in 1999, and helped them turn things around right away as the team reached the postseason in its second year of existence. Gonzalez had the game-winning hit against the Yankees in the 2001 World Series. He also ranks first in team history with 224 home runs, playing for the D-backs from 1999 to 2006. Gonzo's best season with Arizona was 2001, when he hit .325 with career highs in home runs (57) and runs batted in (142).

Steve Finley (153)-Outfielder Steve Finley was another of those under-the-radar type players who consistently put up good numbers. Finley ranks second in Diamondbacks' history (played there from 1999 to 2003) with 153 homers, and his best season there was 2000. That season, Finley hit .280 with 35 homers and 96 RBI.

Matt Williams (99)-Third baseman Matt Williams had some of his best seasons with the Giants, but also had some good years in Arizona, where he played from 1998 to 2003. Williams ranks third in Diamondbacks' history with 99 home runs, and his best season with the team was 1999, when he hit .303 with 35 homers and a career best 142 RBI.

Jay Bell (91)-Jay Bell signed as a free agent with the expansion Diamondbacks in 1998, and played there until 2002. He still ranks fourth in team history with 91 home runs. Bell's best season in Arizona was 1999, when he hit .289 with career high numbers in home runs (38) and RBI (112).

Chad Tracy (68)-Infielder/outfielder Chad Tracy has been with the D-backs (his only team) since 2004, and currently ranks fifth in team history with 68 home runs. That number is sure to rise if he sticks around, and Tracy's best season so far was 2005, when he batted .308 with 27 homers (career high) and 72 RBI.

Tony Clark (54)-First baseman Tony Clark is only 36 as I write this in 2008, and after spending a few seasons with Arizona (2005 to 2007), Clark signed with San Diego and is now back in Arizona. He ranks sixth in franchise history with 54 home runs, and his best season in a D-backs uniform was 2005, when he hit .304 (career best) with 30 homers and 87 RBI.

Eric Byrnes (53)-Outfielder Eric Byrnes is one of the more animated players in the game today, and though his numbers have dropped off in 2008, he ranks seventh in D-backs history with 53 home runs. In 2006, Byrnes had his best season in Arizona, hitting .267 with 26 homers (career high), 79 RBI, 37 doubles and 25 stolen bases.

Damian Miller (48)-Catcher Damian Miller helped the Diamondbacks win a World Series in 2001, and was their backstop from 1998 to 2002. Miller still ranks eighth in team history with 48 home runs, and his best season in Arizona was 2001, when he hit .271 with 13 homers (career high) and 47 RBI.

Chris Young (48)-Outfielder Chris Young is in his second full season at the age of 24, and is another player who should climb this list quickly. Young already has 48 career home runs to rank ninth in team history, and his best season so far was 2007, when he hit .237 with 32 home runs, 68 runs batted in, 29 doubles and 27 stolen bases.

Erubiel Durazo (47)-First baseman Erubiel Durazo played for Arizona from 1999 to 2002 and despite being a part-time player, still ranks tenth in team history with 47 homers. Durazo's best season with the D-backs was 2002, when in 76 games he hit .261 with 16 homers and 48 RBI.


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