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Greatest Kansas City Royals Sluggers of All-Time

Updated on July 2, 2008

George Brett

Mike Sweeney

Amos Otis


The Kansas City Royals have always been known as a speed/pitching/defense machine, and not necessarily for team power. But that doesn't mean the team didn't bring up some sluggers through its farm system, even if those sluggers went on to have career advancement with teams like the Yankees, Mets and A's. Here is a list of all-time home run leaders for the Royals:

George Brett (304)-George Brett is not only the most famous Royals player of all-time, he's one of the game's all-time greats. Brett played for 21 seasons, 1973-1993, all with the Royals. He flirted with .400 a few times and wound up with a career batting average of .305 and 304 home runs. Brett hit a career best 30 home runs in 1985, when the Royals won it all, but his best overall season was his MVP year of 1980. That season (the Royals won the AL pennant), Brett hit a career high .390 with 24 homers and 118 runs batted in.

Mike Sweeney (197)-Mike Sweeney played most of his career in Kansas City (1995 to 2007) before moving over to Oakland before the 2008 season. A career .299 hitter, Sweeney has always wielded a strong bat, but he had a few seasons early this decade when he hit for decent power. 2000 was probably Sweeney's best season, when he batted .333 with 29 homers and 144 RBI.

Amos Otis (193)-Even though he began his career with the Mets and even was a part of their 1969 championship team, Amos Otis didn't come to life as a player until his days in Kansas City beginning in 1970. Otis played for the Royals from 1970 until 1983 and hit 193 career homers there. His best season with the team was 1973 when he batted .300 with 26 home runs and 93 RBI.

Hal McRae (169)-Hal McRae had a nice career, mostly with the Royals, who he played for from 1973 to 1987. But many remember him from his days as a manager, and the tirade he had in his office while surrounded by reporters in 1993. Anyway, McRae ranks fourth in Royals history with 169 home runs. His best season was 1982 when he batted .308 with career highs in homers (27) and RBI (133).

Frank White (160)-Like Brett, second baseman Frank White came up in 1993 and played his entire career with Kansas City (until 1990). White was a steady player who now ranks fifth all-time for the Royals with 160 homers. In 1986, White had his best offensive season, hitting .272 with 22 homers and 84 runs batted in. On a side note, White also won eight gold gloves during his career.

John Mayberry (143)-First baseman/designated hitter John Mayberry played for the Astros, Royals, Blue Jays and Yankees, but had his best years in Kansas City (1972-1977). In 1975, Mayberry had his best offensive season, batting .291 with 34 homers and 106 RBI, finishing second in the AL MVP voting.

Danny Tartabull (124)-Danny Tartabull is another slugger who went on to the big bucks of New York. He played for the Royals from 1987 to 1991 but may be best remembered for his days as a Yankee when he appeared in an episode of "Seinfeld." 1987 was probably Tartabull's best overall offensive season, when he hit .309 with 34 homers and 101 RBI.

Carlos Beltran (123)-It's almost hard to think of Carlos Beltran as a Royals slugger, but he began his career there in 1998 and won the AL Rookie of the Year Award in 1999. Beltran played for the Royals from 1998 to 2004, was traded to the Astros mid-season and then signed with the Mets as a free agent before the 2005 season. Beltran hit 29 homers in 2002, but his best offensive season with the team was 2003, when he hit a career high .307 with 26 homers and 100 runs batted in, and added 41 stolen bases.

Steve Balboni (119)-Steve Balboni started his career with the Yankees, went to Kansas City for a few years and then back to New York. But his best years as a pro were with the Royals, who he played for from 1984 to 1988, ranking ninth in team history with 119 home runs. In 1985, Balboni helped the Royals win a World Series, hitting 36 homers with 88 RBI.

Bo Jackson (109)-Bo Jackson only played parts of eight seasons in the big leagues, and also was a running back in the NFL for a few years. Jackson played for the Royals from 1986 to 1990 and had some of his best seasons in Kansas City. His best offensive season was 1989, when Jackson hit .256 with 32 homers and 105 RBI.


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    • profile image

      William 9 years ago

      How can any one forget the 1985 Royals with George Brett and Bret Saberhagen and company that beat that great running Cardinals team in the World Series 4G's to 3 G's.