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Greatest Milwaukee Brewers Sluggers of All-Time

Updated on July 21, 2008

Robin Yount

Cecil Cooper

Greg Vaughn


The Milwaukee Brewers have been around since 1970, but the franchise began as an expansion team the year before that, when they were known as the Seattle Pilots for one season. The Brewers have never won more than an American League pennant (they are now in the National League), in 1982, but have fielded some competitive teams over the years, and some great players like Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. Here is a list of the Brewers' Top 10 in home runs since the franchise's inception:

Robin Yount (251)-Robin Yount played his entire 20-year career in Milwaukee, from 1974 to 1993. Yount was a very steady player who hit .285 for his career and leads the Brew Crew all-time with 251 home runs. He won the AL MVP Award twice, in 1982 and in 1989. That 1982 season, when he helped the Brewers reach the World Series for the only time in team history, Yount had his best season with career highs in batting average (.331), homers (29) and runs batted in (114). He also had 46 doubles and 12 triples that year.

Geoff Jenkins (212)-Outfielder Geoff Jenkins played for the Brewers from 1998 to 2007, and was always a home run or strikeout kind of guy. He currently plays for the Phillies (in 2008) but over his time with Milwaukee, Jenkins hit 212 home runs to rank second in franchise history behind Yount. Jenkins' best season with the Brewers was 2000, when he batted .303 with 34 homers and 94 RBI.

Gorman Thomas (208)-Gorman Thomas was one of those old school sluggers. He had a career batting average of .225 but hit 268 home runs, 208 of those with the Brewers to rank third on their all-time list. Thomas played in Milwaukee from 1973 to 1983 and again in 1986. His best season was 1979 when he batted .244 with 45 homers and 123 RBI.

Cecil Cooper (201)-Cecil Cooper began his career with the Red Sox but didn't blossom as a slugger until he joined the Brewers. Cooper played in Milwaukee from 1977 to 1987 and ranks fourth in franchise history with 201 home runs. Cooper's best season with the Brewers was 1982, when he helped them win the AL pennant by hitting .313 with 32 homers (career high) and 121 RBI.

Ben Oglivie (176)-Like Cooper, Oglivie began his playing career with another team, Detroit, but really came on as a hitter when he joined the Brewers. Oglivie played for the Brewers from 1978 to 1986, and ranks fifth in team history with 176 homers. Oglivie's best season in a Milwaukee uniform was 1980, when he had career best numbers in batting average (.304), homers (41) and RBI (118).

Greg Vaughn (169)-Greg Vaughn has played for a few different teams, and while he had his best years in San Diego, still ranks sixth in Brewers' history with 169 home runs while with the team. Vaughn played for the Brewers from 1989 to 1996 and his best season in Milwaukee was 1996, the year in which he was traded to the Padres. Vaughn played 102 games for the Brew Crew that year and batted .280 with 31 home runs 95 RBI.

Jeromy Burnitz (165)-Jeromy Burnitz was a journeyman player who happened to have some of his best years in Milwaukee. Burnitz played for the Brewers from 1996 to 2001, and his best season in a Brewers' uniform was 1998, when he hit .263 with 38 home runs and 125 runs batted in.

Paul Molitor (160)-Paul Molitor was more of a contact hitter than a slugger, but his longevity helped land him eighth on this list with 160 home runs for the Brewers. Molitor played in Milwaukee from 1978 to 1992, and while his career high in homers for the team was 19, in 1982, Molitor's best overall season was 1987. That year, he batted a career best .353 with 16 homers, 75 RBI, 41 doubles and 45 stolen bases.

Rob Deer (137)-Rob Deer only played for the Brewers for five seasons, but it's a testament to his power that he ranks ninth in club history with 137 home runs. Deer played in Milwaukee from 1986 to 1990, and his best season with the team was 1986 when he had career highs in home runs (33) and RBI (86). Deer also had a penchant for striking out, and did so 823 times over his five seasons in Milwaukee.

Don Money (134)-Third baseman Don Money was a steady player who was with the Brewers from 1973 to 1983. Money hit 134 homers with Milwaukee, ranking him tenth all-time for the team. His best season there was 1977 when he batted .277 with a career high 25 home runs. Money also drove in a career best 83 runs that year.


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    • bogerk profile image

      bogerk 6 years ago from Midwest

      Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder would both crack this list today. Unfortunately I don't think Fielder's total will get any higher for the Brewers. Nice Hub!

    • chicamom85 profile image

      chicamom85 8 years ago

      Nice hub